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What is an ISP?
ISP is a short form for Internet Service Provider. The main objective of an ISP is to provide access to the Internet and for commercial and private users.
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Just purchased a new connection or upgraded your router?

Calling your internet service provider means spending hours and hours on the phone only to get connected with a representative located all the way in another corner of the world. Even worse, you often have to wait until a technician can come in and solve even the simplest of problems.

RouterNetwork brings you simple and easy-to-use tools and insights to set up your Wi-Fi router.

We understand that complicated devices come with even more complex instructions. However, our What Is My ISP tool makes it easy for you to look up your current internet service provider and resolve a number of problems such as, find the right instructions to set up your connection, resolve any errors, and learn more about cable internet and standard policies followed by your Internet provider.

What Is an ISP?

An ISP is also known as the Internet Service Provider, where IP stands for Internet Protocol Address. Put simply, your computer's ISP provides access to the Internet for both commercial and private users.

Here’s how you can understand it better

When you send emails to your contacts, they originate from your IP that is provided by your ISP. All the files sent over the internet contain a particular IP or information of the server it has been sent from. 

Why Do You Need To Learn About Your ISP?

The Digital Millennium Act requires all Internet Providers to maintain a log of all internet activity made using their service.

For those of us completely unaware, this means that your ISP stores a copy of all your online activity, all the internet traffic data being shared and received by you on all devices connected to your network. 

Keeping this in mind, it is important for you to know your ISP and how it uses your information.

Here are more reasons to get to know your ISP a little better:

  • Your ISP Could Be Making Decisions For You

    When you sign up for an internet connection, you expect that you'll be able to run your choice of applications, along with any other protocols or the internet speed that you select at the time of signing up with your ISP.

    However, there are instances – mostly unknown by users – where ISP's interfere with your internet connection or your internet speed and make decisions for you. Remember the time you last tried streaming on a particular site and your internet just wouldn't let you? Chances are, your ISP interfered with your connection.

  • Your ISP Could Be Restricting Your Bandwidth

    One of the major complaints against ISPs is that they occasionally restrict the bandwidth of your connection at the end of the month or during peak hours. This allows them to cater to a much larger user base with the same bandwidth.

    So even though you've signed up for an unlimited data subscription or high-speed internet, if your ISP is not a reputable supplier, you could get slower speeds and actually be paying more for a lot less.

    Whatever you may think of this, it's imperative you know what you're paying for.

    Only then can you exert pressure on your Internet Access Provider to change its ways or take your business elsewhere to get faster internet, more affordable internet or enjoy a better internet experience. As such, ISPs should be transparent with their network management practices.

    But transparency is not enough; internet users should have the ability to test the network themselves to make sure they're not being misinformed in any way or subject to any invasion of privacy.

Understanding What Is My ISP Tool

In the simplest of ways, an ISP tool helps easily connect to a new router, install your personal router, solve any wireless connection issues, learn more and keep an active check on your internet provider.

In no time, just by navigating to this page, you can find out who is your Internet Service Provider, your IP, and the approximate location. More than that, you can also find the Cable Internet Providers or geographical location for any other IP address. You can do that from your computer or your mobile devices.

If you have paid for a certain level of bandwidth and unlimited data, and yet you are not getting good speed, you can use the What Is My ISP Tool to learn key information such as your IP address, your local IP address, your hostname, server location and the name of your ISP supplying you internet.

Based on your results, you can further investigate your internet settings and check if your ISP is following privacy policies and respecting the Terms of Service you signed. You can also check out the cable internet plans they offer against their competitors.

While back in the day most ISP's were able to manipulate your usage because a customer's knowledge of their activities was limited, now with little effort you can be aware of what they are up to so you can make an informed decision.

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