Router Brands Default IP Adresses

RouterNetwork provides you with all the infos you need to setup and run your wifi router.


WiFi Settings -10 Essential How Tos

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Wifi Router Setup Guide

First thing we look for when we are trying to set up a new router is the login information and the default IP address.


Find Router IP Address

To configure your router you must log in to it and know its IP address. You can review your default router IP address here.


Top 8 WiFi Routers of 2019

In our wifi router review for 2019, we’ve rounded up 8 of the best options on the market, for a variety of needs. Here they are:


Port Forwarding

Opening a port and sending the incoming messages to a stated device is called port forwarding. Find here how to forward ports.


What to Look for in a Wifi Router [2019]

The latest features in the fancy new WiFi routers explained. Here is an effort to make it easy for you to buy a new WiFi router.


Recovering Router User and Password

Everyone has forgotten their router's username and password at one time or another. There's no need to despair.

What is my proxy?

Find out if you are using a proxy

What is my user agent?

Find out your user agent

What is my router IP?

Fidn out your router IP Address

What is my local IP?

Find out your local IP Address

What is my ISP?

Check your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) with this lookup tool.

Ping Test

Check if your computer can communicate or if the host is reachable.

What is my IP?

What is my IP? Find your public IP address here.

Port Checker

Verify an IP Address and check the open ports