Router Brands Default IP Addresses

D-Link Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default IP for D-Link

Based on your local ip address, pick the correct IP address from the list above and click Admin. You should be redirected to your router admin interface.

Default logins for D-Link

92 %
IP Address:
4 %
IP Address:
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IP Address:
2 %
IP Address:

D-Link Router Login

Most of us access the high-speed broadband connection through wireless routers at the leisure of our homes and offices. In this generation, getting through a day is virtually impossible without these wireless routers. This makes it one of the most important devices in our everyday lives. 

D-Link is a manufacturer that provides customers with the most efficient and high-quality routers on the market. At times, we need to change the basic settings of these routers and that requires access to your D-Link Router’s Web Interface. But what is it?

What is the D-Link Web Interface?

The D-Link Router Web Interface is the control panel where users can store and change the settings of their router. To do so, you’ll need access to the panel. To gain access to the D-Link Router you must know the Dlink router default password.

Please Note: To login successfully, make sure you own a D-Link Router, internet access through LAN or Wi-Fi, and a web browser.

D-Link Login Steps

This tutorial will take you through thorough steps to log in to and configure your D-Link router. 

  1. Connect to Your D-Link Router

    To change your D-Link router’s configuration and access the setup pages, you need to stay connected to the network. So, start by connecting to the D-Link network either through an ethernet cable or a wireless Wi-Fi connection.

    If you don’t know the router’s Wi-Fi password, it is always recommended to connect to the network using an ethernet cable. This establishes a direct network connection and does not require entering a password. 

  2. Navigate to the Router’s IP Address

    To read this post, you are using a browser be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or the infamous Internet Explorer (we hope not!). Anyway, whichever browser you use, open it and navigate to either of the following IP addresses. One of these is likely your router’s “If not delivered, then return to” address.


    Or you can simply enter in the address bar. In technical terms, we call these the router gateways to your frontier router. Although, for D-Link routers, the most common router gateway is that leads you to the Dlink login page. 

  3. Enter Login Credentials

    Once the router gateway directs you to the Mydlink login page, enter the username admin. Now, for the password, you must enter the Dlink default admin password. After entering the router default login info, you will gain access to your router’s administrator settings panel. 

    If the Screen Does Not Appear 

    If the login screen does not appear for the IP address you entered, it may not be the right one for your model. In such cases, locate your model information on the sticker at the back of the router. You can get a list of the router IP addresses for various models and their respective login credentials below. Now that you have your username and user password, complete your Dlink wifi router login.

    The Mydlink login page or most gateways will feature a simple screen with two fields–username and password. And lastly, the “Enter” or “Login” button. Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) prefer a user-friendly web interface for easy access. 

  4. Configuration

    After you have successfully logged in to the D-Link admin panel, you can change any available setting for your router model. Using custom settings prevents any malicious intruder to enter your private domain. 

    We strongly recommend writing down the current settings before making any changes. This will help you to easily revert the changes if things don’t go as anticipated. 

Useful Info

  • Physical Router Setup

    D-Link routers offer users a hassle-free and smooth experience through a straightforward interface. To login to the admin panel, first, you must establish a physical connection to the router. This can be done with the help of ethernet cables. Follow these simple steps to complete the router installation process this:

    1. Connect the adaptor to your router.
    2. Plug it into an AC outlet and switch it on. 
    3. Check the LED lights.

    If the LED lights are blinking and the “Power” diode is on consistently, you have successfully installed your D-Link router. Now, continue with the login process. 

  • Ensure that You are Protected

    To protect your modem from attackers, you must change the default password to something more secure and inaccessible. Even if the default password is not easy to crack but printed on the back of the device, you are at risk. Anyone with access to your house can access your router configuration, and this may compromise your router’s integrity. 

    To change the default admin password, go to settings and select change password.

  • Local Network Settings

    D-Link router settings allow users to change their local network settings based on their preferences. You can toggle between different interfaces to change the LAN, DHCP, DHCP Static IP configuration, and DHCP Static IP Table settings.


  • What if you mistakenly break the Dlink home network?

    As a last resort, you can hit the reset button to go back to the original settings. The process may seem complicated but follow the steps, and, in a few minutes, you will have reset your device to its former settings. 

    For those of you who have hit rock bottom and have no other alternative, follow this guide to get back your broadband connection.

  • Can you still access the D-Link Interface?

    If you are positive that the connection is not broken, but you have made a mistake, then there is a simple solution. Go back to the Dlink login or your Router’s IP and enter the details again. Now, change the settings back to their original form, and that’s it. Of course, we are assuming that you wrote down the original settings, as we mentioned earlier. 

In Summary

The D-link router login is not complicated and can be done by following simple steps. For the first-time setup, we recommend changing the username and password to something difficult to access or guess.

Models using D-Link

D-LinkCOVR-2200 rev A1 COVR-2200 rev A1 -
D-LinkCOVR-2600R COVR-2600R -
D-LinkCOVR-C1200 rev A1 COVR-C1200 rev A1 -
D-LinkCOVR-P2500 rev A1 COVR-P2500 rev A1 -
D-LinkDAP-1350 rev A1 DAP-1350 rev A1 -
D-LinkDAP-1350 rev B1 DAP-1350 rev B1 -
D-LinkDCM-604 rev A1 DCM-604 rev A1 admin / password
D-LinkDGL-4300 rev A1 DGL-4300 rev A1 -
D-LinkDGL-4300 rev A2 DGL-4300 rev A2 -
D-LinkDGL-4500 rev A1 DGL-4500 rev A1 -
D-LinkDGL-4500 rev A2 DGL-4500 rev A2 -
D-LinkDGL-5500 rev A1 DGL-5500 rev A1 -
D-LinkDHP-1320 rev A1 DHP-1320 rev A1 -
D-LinkDHP-1565 rev A1 DHP-1565 rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-514 rev B1 DI-514 rev B1 -
D-LinkDI-514 rev C1 DI-514 rev C1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev A1 DI-524 rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev A2 DI-524 rev A2 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev B2 DI-524 rev B2 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev B4 DI-524 rev B4 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev C1 DI-524 rev C1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev D1 DI-524 rev D1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev E1 DI-524 rev E1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev G1 DI-524 rev G1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev G2 DI-524 rev G2 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev H1 DI-524 rev H1 -
D-LinkDI-524 rev I1 DI-524 rev I1 -
D-LinkDI-524SU rev E8 DI-524SU rev E8 -
D-LinkDI-524UP DI-524UP -
D-LinkDI-604UP DI-604UP -
D-LinkDI-614+ rev A1 / A2 DI-614+ rev A1 / A2 -
D-LinkDI-614+ rev B1 DI-614+ rev B1 -
D-LinkDI-614+ rev B2 DI-614+ rev B2 -
D-LinkDI-624+ DI-624+ -
D-LinkDI-624M DI-624M -
D-LinkDI-624 rev A1 DI-624 rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-624+ rev A1 DI-624+ rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-624 rev B1 DI-624 rev B1 -
D-LinkDI-624+ rev B2 DI-624+ rev B2 -
D-LinkDI-624 rev C1 DI-624 rev C1 -
D-LinkDI-624 rev C2/C3 DI-624 rev C2/C3 -
D-LinkDI-624 rev D2 DI-624 rev D2 -
D-LinkDI-624 rev E1 DI-624 rev E1 -
D-LinkDI-624S rev A1 DI-624S rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-624S rev B1 DI-624S rev B1 -
D-LinkDI-634M rev B1 DI-634M rev B1 -
D-LinkDI-707P rev C1 DI-707P rev C1 -
D-LinkDI-711 DI-711 -
D-LinkDI-713 DI-713 -
D-LinkDI-713P rev A1 DI-713P rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-713P rev E1 DI-713P rev E1 -
D-LinkDI-714P+ rev B1 DI-714P+ rev B1 -
D-LinkDI-714 rev A1 DI-714 rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-724U rev A1 DI-724U rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-725EV rev A1 DI-725EV rev A1 -
D-LinkDI-754 DI-754 -
D-LinkDI-764 DI-764 -
D-LinkDI-774 rev A2 DI-774 rev A2 -
D-LinkDI-784 DI-784 -
D-LinkDI-824VUP rev A DI-824VUP rev A -
D-LinkDI-824VUP rev B1 DI-824VUP rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-1360 rev A1 DIR-1360 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-1760 rev A1 DIR-1760 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-1960 rev A1 DIR-1960 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-2660 rev A1 DIR-2660 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-2680 DIR-2680 -
D-LinkDIR-280 DIR-280 -
D-LinkDIR-300/NRU rev B7 DIR-300/NRU rev B7 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-300 rev A1 DIR-300 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-300 rev B1 DIR-300 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-300 rev C1 DIR-300 rev C1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-300 rev D1 DIR-300 rev D1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-300S rev A1 DIR-300S rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-301 DIR-301 -
D-LinkDIR-3060 rev A1 DIR-3060 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-320 NRU B1 DIR-320 NRU B1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-320 rev A1 DIR-320 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-320 rev A2 DIR-320 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-320 rev D1 DIR-320 rev D1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-330 DIR-330 -
D-LinkDIR-400 A1 DIR-400 A1 -
D-LinkDIR-410 DIR-410 -
D-LinkDIR-412 rev A1 DIR-412 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-412 rev B1 DIR-412 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-430 rev A1 DIR-430 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-450 rev A1 DIR-450 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-455 rev A1 DIR-455 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-455U DIR-455U -
D-LinkDIR-456 rev A1 DIR-456 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-456U DIR-456U admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-501 rev A1 DIR-501 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-505 rev A1 DIR-505 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-506L rev A1 DIR-506L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-508L rev A1 DIR-508L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-510L rev A1 DIR-510L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-513 rev A2 DIR-513 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-514 rev A1 DIR-514 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-515 rev A1 DIR-515 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-516 rev A1 DIR-516 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-518L rev A1 DIR-518L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-524 rev A1 DIR-524 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-524 rev B1 DIR-524 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-600L rev A1 DIR-600L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-600L rev B1 DIR-600L rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev A1 DIR-600 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev B1 DIR-600 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev B1/B2 DIR-600 rev B1/B2 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev B5 DIR-600 rev B5 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev C1 DIR-600 rev C1 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev C2 DIR-600 rev C2 -
D-LinkDIR-600 rev D1 DIR-600 rev D1 -
D-LinkDIR-601L rev A1 DIR-601L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-601 rev A1 DIR-601 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-601 rev B1 DIR-601 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-602L rev A1 DIR-602L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-602 rev A1 DIR-602 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-603 DIR-603 -
D-LinkDIR-604 rev A1 DIR-604 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-605L rev A1 DIR-605L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-605L rev B1 DIR-605L rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-605L rev B2 DIR-605L rev B2 -
D-LinkDIR-605 rev A2 DIR-605 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-605 rev B1 DIR-605 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-605 rev D1 DIR-605 rev D1 -
D-LinkDIR-610N+ rev A1 DIR-610N+ rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-610 rev A1 DIR-610 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-614 rev A1 DIR-614 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-614 rev B1 DIR-614 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev A1 DIR-615 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev B2 DIR-615 rev B2 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev C1 DIR-615 rev C1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev D DIR-615 rev D -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev E1 DIR-615 rev E1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev E3 / E4 DIR-615 rev E3 / E4 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev E5 DIR-615 rev E5 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev F3 DIR-615 rev F3 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev G1 DIR-615 rev G1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev H1 DIR-615 rev H1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev I1 DIR-615 rev I1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev I3 DIR-615 rev I3 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev K1 DIR-615 rev K1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-615 rev K2 DIR-615 rev K2 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-615 rev M1 DIR-615 rev M1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev N1 DIR-615 rev N1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev Q2 DIR-615 rev Q2 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev R1 DIR-615 rev R1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-615 rev S1 DIR-615 rev S1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev T1 DIR-615 rev T1 -
D-LinkDIR-615 rev T3 DIR-615 rev T3 -
D-LinkDIR-615S rev A1 DIR-615S rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-618 rev A1 DIR-618 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-618 rev B1 DIR-618 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-619L rev A1 DIR-619L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-619L rev B1 DIR-619L rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-619 rev A1 DIR-619 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-620 rev A1 DIR-620 rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-620 rev A1A DIR-620 rev A1A admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-620 rev B1 DIR-620 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-620 rev C1 DIR-620 rev C1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-620 rev D1 DIR-620 rev D1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-620 rev E1 DIR-620 rev E1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-620 rev F1 DIR-620 rev F1 -
D-LinkDIR-620 rev G1 DIR-620 rev G1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-625 rev A1 DIR-625 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-625 rev A2 DIR-625 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-625 rev C1 DIR-625 rev C1 -
D-LinkDIR-625 rev C2 DIR-625 rev C2 -
D-LinkDIR-626L rev A1 DIR-626L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-627 DIR-627 -
D-LinkDIR-628 rev A1 DIR-628 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-628 rev A2 DIR-628 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-632 DIR-632 -
D-LinkDIR-635 rev A1 DIR-635 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-635 rev B1 DIR-635 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-635 rev B3 DIR-635 rev B3 -
D-LinkDIR-636L rev A1 DIR-636L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-640L DIR-640L -
D-LinkDIR-645L rev A1 DIR-645L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-645 rev A1 DIR-645 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-651 rev Ax DIR-651 rev Ax -
D-LinkDIR-652 rev A1 DIR-652 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-652 rev B1 DIR-652 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-653 rev A1 DIR-653 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-655 rev A1/A2 DIR-655 rev A1/A2 -
D-LinkDIR-655 rev A3 DIR-655 rev A3 -
D-LinkDIR-655 rev A4 DIR-655 rev A4 -
D-LinkDIR-655 rev B1 DIR-655 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-655 rev C1 DIR-655 rev C1 -
D-LinkDIR-657 DIR-657 -
D-LinkDIR-660 DIR-660 -
D-LinkDIR-665 rev A1 DIR-665 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-685 DIR-685 -
D-LinkDIR-802 rev A1 DIR-802 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-803 rev A1 DIR-803 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-803 rev B1 DIR-803 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-806A rev A1 DIR-806A rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-808L rev A1 DIR-808L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-809 rev A1 DIR-809 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-809 rev A2 DIR-809 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-810L rev A1 DIR-810L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-810L rev B1 DIR-810L rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-815 rev A1 DIR-815 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-815 rev B1 DIR-815 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-815 rev C1 DIR-815 rev C1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-815 rev D1 DIR-815 rev D1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-816L rev A1 DIR-816L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-816 rev A1 DIR-816 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-818L rev A1 DIR-818L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-819 rev A1 DIR-819 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-820L rev A1 DIR-820L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-820L rev B1 DIR-820L rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-822 rev A1 DIR-822 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-822 rev D1 DIR-822 rev D1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-825 rev A1 DIR-825 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-825 rev B1 DIR-825 rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-825 rev C1 DIR-825 rev C1 -
D-LinkDIR-825 rev D1 DIR-825 rev D1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-825 rev E1 DIR-825 rev E1 admin / admin
D-LinkDIR-825 rev G1 DIR-825 rev G1 -
D-LinkDIR-826L rev A1 DIR-826L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-827 DIR-827 -
D-LinkDIR-835 rev A1 DIR-835 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-836L rev A1 DIR-836L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-840L DIR-840L -
D-LinkDIR-842 rev A1 DIR-842 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-842 rev C1 DIR-842 rev C1 -
D-LinkDIR-843 rev A1 DIR-843 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-845L rev A1 DIR-845L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-850L rev A1 DIR-850L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-853 rev A1 DIR-853 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-855L rev A1 DIR-855L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-855 rev A1 DIR-855 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-855 rev A2 DIR-855 rev A2 -
D-LinkDIR-857 DIR-857 -
D-LinkDIR-859 rev A1 DIR-859 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-860L rev A1 DIR-860L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-860L rev B1 DIR-860L rev B1 -
D-LinkDIR-862L rev A1 DIR-862L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-863 rev A1 DIR-863 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-865L DIR-865L -
D-LinkDIR-867 rev A1 DIR-867 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-868L rev A1 DIR-868L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-869 DIR-869 -
D-LinkDIR-878 rev A1 DIR-878 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-879 DIR-879 -
D-LinkDIR-880L rev A1 DIR-880L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-882 rev A1 DIR-882 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-883 rev A1 DIR-883 rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-885L rev A1 DIR-885L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-890L rev A1 DIR-890L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-895L rev A1 DIR-895L rev A1 -
D-LinkDIR-X6060 DIR-X6060 -
D-LinkDIR-X9000 DIR-X9000 -
D-LinkDP-311P DP-311P -
D-LinkDP-311U DP-311U -
D-LinkDPR-1040 DPR-1040 -
D-LinkDPR-1260 rev A2 DPR-1260 rev A2 -
D-LinkDSL-2600B DSL-2600B -
D-LinkDSL-2600U DSL-2600U admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2640B rev B2 DSL-2640B rev B2 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2640B rev B3 DSL-2640B rev B3 -
D-LinkDSL-2640B rev C4 DSL-2640B rev C4 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2640B rev T1 DSL-2640B rev T1 -
D-LinkDSL-2640R rev A1 DSL-2640R rev A1 -
D-LinkDSL-2640R rev B1 DSL-2640R rev B1 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2640S DSL-2640S -
D-LinkDSL-2640T DSL-2640T -
D-LinkDSL-2640U rev B2 DSL-2640U rev B2 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2640U rev C1 DSL-2640U rev C1 -
D-LinkDSL-2640U rev C2 DSL-2640U rev C2 -
D-LinkDSL-2640U rev C4 DSL-2640U rev C4 -
D-LinkDSL-2642B DSL-2642B -
D-LinkDSL-2650U rev D2 DSL-2650U rev D2 -
D-LinkDSL-2680 rev A1 DSL-2680 rev A1 -
D-LinkDSL-2730B rev T1 DSL-2730B rev T1 -
D-LinkDSL-2730E rev T1 DSL-2730E rev T1 -
D-LinkDSL-2740B rev F1 DSL-2740B rev F1 -
D-LinkDSL-2740E rev V1 DSL-2740E rev V1 -
D-LinkDSL-2740R DSL-2740R admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2741B rev C2 DSL-2741B rev C2 -
D-LinkDSL-2750B rev T1 DSL-2750B rev T1 - 192.168.1.
D-LinkDSL-2750E DSL-2750E -
D-LinkDSL-2750U rev C1 DSL-2750U rev C1 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-2750U rev U1 DSL-2750U rev U1 -
D-LinkDSL-2760U DSL-2760U -
D-LinkDSL-2890AL rev A1 DSL-2890AL rev A1 -
D-LinkDSL-3782 DSL-3782 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-6740B rev C2 DSL-6740B rev C2 -
D-LinkDSL-6740U-G1 DSL-6740U-G1 admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-G604T DSL-G604T admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-G620B DSL-G620B -
D-LinkDSL-G624M DSL-G624M admin / admin
D-LinkDSL-G624T rev A1 DSL-G624T rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDSR-1000AC rev A1 DSR-1000AC rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDSR-1000N rev A1 DSR-1000N rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDSR-150N DSR-150N admin / admin
D-LinkDSR-150N A2 DSR-150N A2 admin / admin
D-LinkDSR-250N DSR-250N admin / admin
D-LinkDSR-500N DSR-500N -
D-LinkDVA-G3342SD DVA-G3342SD admin / admin
D-LinkDVA-G3672B DVA-G3672B admin / admin
D-LinkDVA-G3810BN/TL DVA-G3810BN/TL admin / telus
D-LinkDVG-G5402SP DVG-G5402SP -
D-LinkDVG-N5402SP DVG-N5402SP admin / password
D-LinkDWR-113 DWR-113 -
D-LinkDWR-116 rev A1 DWR-116 rev A1 -
D-LinkDWR-117 DWR-117 -
D-LinkDWR-118 rev A1 DWR-118 rev A1 admin / admin
D-LinkDWR-118 rev A2 DWR-118 rev A2 admin / admin
D-LinkDWR-118 rev B1 DWR-118 rev B1 admin / admin
D-LinkDWR-131 rev A1 DWR-131 rev A1 -
D-LinkDWR-2010 DWR-2010 -
D-LinkDWR-512 DWR-512 -
D-LinkDWR-555 DWR-555 -
D-LinkDWR-755 rev A1 DWR-755 rev A1 -
D-LinkTM-G5240 TM-G5240 -
D-LinkVWR-VR rev B1 VWR-VR rev B1 user / user
D-LinkWBR-1310 rev A1 WBR-1310 rev A1 -
D-LinkWBR-1310 rev B1 WBR-1310 rev B1 -
D-LinkWBR-2310 rev A1 WBR-2310 rev A1 -
D-LinkWBR-2310 rev B1 WBR-2310 rev B1 -