Router Brands Default Logins Default IP Addresses - Login Admin IP Address

To access the admin page type into your web browser's address bar or click on the link below.

Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.
How To Login And Troubleshoot A IP Address-Based Router Many types of devices (such as routers) are used to access the internet via a public IP address. However, when it comes to accessing and modifying the internal settings of these devices, users need to access their private IP addresses. is one such private IP address that’s allocated to modems and routers by the manufacturers. The primary purpose of private IP addresses like is to detect devices on private networks, letting them connect with other devices on the same network. Login Steps

If you want to alter or check the router settings, try using the router IP to connect to the administrative console. Read on to know more.

  1. Find Router IP Address

    You can find the IP address written on the router's back, side, or on the box it came in. But if it’s not there, then follow these steps to confirm your device’s IP address:

    - Open Command Prompt by typing CMD in the start menu

    - Enter ipconfig in Command Prompt

    - Find where it says Local Area Connection, and beneath it, you would see the IP address labeled as the default gateway

  2. My Router IP Address And Connectivity

    Here is how to access your device’s settings via the IP:

    - Ensure that the router and your laptop/smartphone are connected

    - Open a browser 

    - Enter,, or in the address bar

    - The browser should display the login page now

    - Enter login credentials. These can be admin/admin, user/user, or both may be left blank.

    - If the username/password options don’t work, do a quick online search to find login info for the make and model of your device

  3. Configure

    Once in the admin panel, you can:

    - Give your router a unique SSID 

    - Change the login credentials 

    - Change to something else if you have IP conflicts

    - Set parental controls

    - Amp up security, etc. 

Top Brands Using The IP is typically seen on routers manufactured by D-Link, Linksys, Motorola, and Cyber Tan.

Reset And Troubleshoot The Router

If you can't reach the login page or log in, do the following and make sure you refresh after each step to see if it is working:

  • Enter the correct address in the browser –,, or – don't enter wrong values like small-case L, capital I, etc. instead of a 1

  • If leads to an error page, ensure you are using the right IP from the ipconfig option, maybe someone assigned a new DNS

  • If default credentials don't work, do for a factory reset. Press and hold the reset button on the device until lights flash — the username and password should now be back to default

  • If the browser shows nothing – go to browser settings, privacy, and delete cookies and cache – or use a different browser

  • If all else fails, get help from a qualified technician and have them assess your device

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