Router Brands Default IP Adresses - Login Admin IP Address

To access the admin page type into your web browser's address bar or click on the link below.


Detected IP Address

Local IP Address(es):

    Admin Router Login

    Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.


    Default logins for

    62 %
    IP Address:
    23 %
    IP Address:
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    IP Address:
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    IP Address:

    Login Steps

    1. Connect router cable to your computer. You can also use a wireless network. In this case, double-check the device that you wish to work on is connected to the wi-fi. Pro Tip - It's a good idea to use a wired connection while making any changes. This avoids the risk of suddenly being logged off when you click the Save button.

    2. Open your chosen web browser and type in the address bar. is used as a gateway login address. You can also enter or into the address bar as an alternative if doesn’t work for you. If the address fails, you'll need to grab your router manual. The IP listed as ‘Default Gateway’ is the correct one.

    3. It's time to enter the default username and password of your router by accessing the admin panel. You can try the login credentials given below:

      The default values for admin are:

    root | user | admin

    If none of the above are successful, type your router’s name into your browser to locate the default login username and password you need. You should be directed to the models' configuration page where the network and the router settings can be managed.


    • Check the Cable Connection

      Check if the Ethernet Cable is properly plugged between your router and the device you are using to connect to your router's administrative console.

    • Verify the IP Address

      Check to see if you have entered the right IP address. It might just be a spelling mistake on your part. Be sure to check whether or not every single number is in the right place. Sometimes the autocomplete feature is misleading; don't rely on it.

    • Reboot the Router

      If nothing else works, completely resetting your router would be your best bet. When you reboot your router, you revert it to its factory settings, which means that everything should be okay once you turn it back on. Keep in mind that pressing the reset (reboot) button on your router will wipe all of the changes that you may have done to your router's configuration settings. This is why you should always keep a backup of your router's settings.

    • Update Your Router

      Also, every once in a while, you should check if there are any new router updates available for download. If you see that there is a new router update (upgrade) available for download, don't waste any time and download it right away!

    • Call Your Internet Service Provider

      And if you are still having problems with your router, then you should definitely give your Internet Service Provider (ISP) a call. Their customer support service should provide you all the answers that you need to resolve the issue. With their help, you might be able to fix the problem from the comfort of your home.

    Accessing IP Address

    When it comes to dealing with one or more network issues at your home, it is essential to know how to access your router interface. To access your router administrative console, you need to know what the router's default IP address is. Different routers mean different IP addresses. However, you can easily find out what your router's IP address is by using your computer. Here is how to do this.

    Windows Device

    If you are using a Windows PC, all you need to do is to click on the Start menu, type ''command prompt'' into the search bar and click on the Command Prompt icon. Then, you just need to type ''ipconfig'' into the Command Prompt window and press the Enter key on your keyboard, and all the information that you are looking for will be presented to you in less than one second.

    iOS Device

    If you are a macOS user, you need to go to the System Preferences on the Apple menu screen, click on the Network icon, and then click on the Advanced options. Then you need to look for the TCP/IP tab. This tab will tell you what your router's IP address is.

    The IP address is a private IP address registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). This address is typically used for local area connectivity, and because it is not a unique IP address, it can be applied to different networks.

    An IP address that is used for a local network is called LAN IP address. The IP address is used by many different router companies, including Sony, D-Link, Buffalo, Netgear, ReadyNet, and ZuniDigital.

    Models using

    BuffaloLPV4-U2-300S LPV4-U2-300S admin / password
    BuffaloWAP-001 WAP-001 -
    BuffaloWBMR-G300N WBMR-G300N -
    BuffaloWBMR-HP-G300H WBMR-HP-G300H -
    BuffaloWBMR-HP-GN WBMR-HP-GN -
    BuffaloWBR2-G54 WBR2-G54 -
    BuffaloWBR2-G54S WBR2-G54S -
    BuffaloWBR-B11 WBR-B11 -
    BuffaloWBR-G54 WBR-G54 -
    BuffaloWCR-300S WCR-300S -
    BuffaloWCR-G54 WCR-G54 -
    BuffaloWCR-GN WCR-GN -
    BuffaloWCR-HP-G300 WCR-HP-G300 admin / password
    BuffaloWCR-HP-GN WCR-HP-GN -
    BuffaloWER-AM54G54 WER-AM54G54 -
    BuffaloWHR-1166D WHR-1166D -
    BuffaloWHR2-A54G54 WHR2-A54G54 -
    BuffaloWHR-300HP WHR-300HP -
    BuffaloWHR-300HP2 WHR-300HP2 admin / password
    BuffaloWHR-600D WHR-600D admin / password
    BuffaloWHR-AMG54 WHR-AMG54 -
    BuffaloWHR-G125 WHR-G125 -
    BuffaloWHR-G300N v1 WHR-G300N v1 -
    BuffaloWHR-G300N v2 WHR-G300N v2 -
    BuffaloWHR-G54S WHR-G54S -
    BuffaloWHR-HP-AG108 WHR-HP-AG108 -
    BuffaloWHR-HP-G125 WHR-HP-G125 -
    BuffaloWHR-HP-G300N WHR-HP-G300N -
    BuffaloWHR-HP-G54 WHR-HP-G54 -
    BuffaloWHR-HP-GN WHR-HP-GN -
    BuffaloWLAR-L11-L WLAR-L11-L -
    BuffaloWLM2-G54 WLM2-G54 -
    BuffaloWMBR-HP-GNV2 WMBR-HP-GNV2 -
    BuffaloWMR-300 WMR-300 admin / password
    BuffaloWMR-433 WMR-433 -
    BuffaloWPL-05G300 WPL-05G300 admin / password
    BuffaloWSR-1166DHP WSR-1166DHP -
    BuffaloWSR-600DHP WSR-600DHP -
    BuffaloWXR-1900DHP WXR-1900DHP admin / password
    BuffaloWYR-G54 WYR-G54 -
    BuffaloWZR-1166DHP WZR-1166DHP -
    BuffaloWZR-1750DHP WZR-1750DHP admin / password
    BuffaloWZR2-G300N WZR2-G300N -
    BuffaloWZR-300HP WZR-300HP -
    BuffaloWZR-450HP2D WZR-450HP2D admin / password
    BuffaloWZR-600DHP WZR-600DHP admin / password
    BuffaloWZR-600DHP2 WZR-600DHP2 -
    BuffaloWZR-900DHP WZR-900DHP -
    BuffaloWZR-AG300NH WZR-AG300NH -
    BuffaloWZR-D1100H WZR-D1100H -
    BuffaloWZR-D1800H WZR-D1800H admin / password
    BuffaloWZR-G108 WZR-G108 -
    BuffaloWZR-G240 WZR-G240 -
    BuffaloWZR-G300N WZR-G300N -
    BuffaloWZR-HP-AG300H WZR-HP-AG300H root / password
    BuffaloWZR-HP-G300NH2 WZR-HP-G300NH2 -
    BuffaloWZR-HP-G300NH (r1, RTL8366SR) WZR-HP-G300NH (r1, RTL8366SR) -
    BuffaloWZR-HP-G300NH (r2, RTL8366RB) WZR-HP-G300NH (r2, RTL8366RB) -
    BuffaloWZR-HP-G302H WZR-HP-G302H -
    BuffaloWZR-HP-G450H WZR-HP-G450H -
    BuffaloWZR-HP-G54 WZR-HP-G54 -

    Cd R King
    CD-R KINGCW-5356U CW-5356U admin / admin

    Ready Net
    ReadyNetVWRT510 VWRT510 -
    ReadyNetWR300NQ WR300NQ admin / admin
    ReadyNetWRT150N WRT150N admin / admin
    ReadyNetWRT300N-D6 WRT300N-D6 admin / pz938qd6
    ReadyNetWRT300N-DD WRT300N-DD -

    SonyPCWA-A500 PCWA-A500 -

    Zuni Digital
    ZuniDigitalZGR304F ZGR304F admin / admin
    ZuniDigitalZR301 ZR301 admin / admin