Router Brands Default IP Adresses - Login Admin IP Address

You can access your admin page by typing into your web browser's address bar, or click here: Router Login is an IP address which routers like Linksys and other network brands use as an access point or gateway. These firms set up router admin access within this address to give their administrators the ability to configure their routers and networks. 

Once in, they can manage the Security Options, Network Management, IP QoS, DNS, proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, WPS block; amongst many other things.

How to login to

Accessing your router admin through address, will allow you to change the settings and configurations that your router software provides.

  1. Click Here or enter into your browser's address bar (URL bar).
  2. If you receive an error, then 192.168.l.l is not your router's IP address.
  3. You can find tips on how to identify your router's IP address in this article.
  4. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can follow these instructions to recover them.
  5. If you haven't changed the default username and password that came with the router, you can consult our default router usernames and passwords list. Once you access the router's admin panel, you will be able to modify and change all of your internet settings.

If you're having issues accessing your router at (whether that be because of slow loading speeds or no loading at all), your network might be using another IP address such as 192.168.o.1, 192.168.2 or 10.0 0.1

In this case, you should consult our IP address router list, and find the correct address. If you need additional help, you can check out our tutorial on how to find your router's IP address.

Common Logins for
  • Username / Password
  • admin/admin 74 %
  • admin/password 15 %
  • admin/1234 7 %
  • guest/guest 3 %
  • Admin/Admin 1 %

Models using

3Com3CRWDR101B-75 (WL-552) 3CRWDR101B-75 (WL-552) -
3Com3CRWDR300A-73 3CRWDR300A-73 -
3Com3CRWE754G72-A 3CRWE754G72-A -
3Com3CRWER300-73 3CRWER300-73 -
3ComOfficeConnect 3CRWDR200A-75 OfficeConnect 3CRWDR200A-75 -
3ComOfficeConnect 3CRWE51196 OfficeConnect 3CRWE51196 -
3ComOfficeConnect 3CRWE52196 OfficeConnect 3CRWE52196 -
3ComOfficeConnect 3CRWE554G72TU OfficeConnect 3CRWE554G72TU -
3ComOfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 OfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 -
3ComOfficeConnect 3CRWER200-75 OfficeConnect 3CRWER200-75 -
AboComARM914 ARM914 admin/admin
AboComWR5207 WR5207 admin/password
AcctonMR3202A MR3202A -
AcelinkBR-6774AC BR-6774AC admin/admin
AcelinkBR-6774AD BR-6774AD admin/admin
ActiontecGT704WG Rev. B GT704WG Rev. B admin/password
ActiontecGT784WNV GT784WNV -
ActiontecMI424WR rev A MI424WR rev A -
ActiontecMI424WR rev C MI424WR rev C -
ActiontecMI424WR rev D MI424WR rev D -
ActiontecMI424WR rev F MI424WR rev F -
ActiontecMI424WR rev G MI424WR rev G -
ActiontecMI424WR rev I MI424WR rev I -
ADBDV 2211 DV 2211 admin/admin
ADBP.DG A2100N P.DG A2100N admin/password
Adi Engineering
ADI EngineeringPronghorn SBC250 Pronghorn SBC250 -
Adtran1004W 1004W admin/admin
Airlink+AR315W AR315W admin/admin
Airlink+ARW027 ARW027 -
Airlink101AR325W AR325W -
Airlink101AR335W AR335W admin/admin
Airlink101AR360W3G AR360W3G -
Airlink101AR410W AR410W admin/admin
Airlink101AR420W AR420W admin/admin
Airlink101AR430W AR430W admin/admin
Airlink101AR525W AR525W admin/admin
Airlink101AR625W AR625W admin/admin
Airlink101AR670W AR670W admin/admin
Airlink101AR680W AR680W admin/admin
Airlink101AR690W AR690W admin/admin
Airlink101AR725W AR725W admin/admin
AirnetAWR014G8 AWR014G8 admin/admin
Alcatel Lucent
Alcatel-LucentCellPipe 7130 RG 5Ae.A2010 CellPipe 7130 RG 5Ae.A2010 admin/admin
Alcatel-LucentRG200E-CA (China Telecom) RG200E-CA (China Telecom) -
Alfa Network
ALFA NetworkAIP-W411 v2.1.0 AIP-W411 v2.1.0 admin/admin
AliceIAD WLAN 4421 IAD WLAN 4421 -
Allied Telesis
Allied TelesisAT-WR2304N AT-WR2304N manager/friend
AlphaAFW-GR50 AFW-GR50 admin/admin
AmigoBRB72n BRB72n admin/admin
AmigoBRC70n BRC70n admin/admin
AmigoBRC76n BRC76n admin/admin
AmigoBRD70n BRD70n admin/admin
AmigoBRE70n BRE70n admin/admin
AmigoBRF70n BRF70n admin/admin
AOpenAOI-891 AOI-891 admin/admin
APCWMR1000G WMR1000G Admin/APC
Araknis Networks
Araknis NetworksAN-110-RT-2L1W-WIFI AN-110-RT-2L1W-WIFI araknis/araknis
ArcadyanAR7516 AR7516 -
ArcadyanVRV9518SWAC24-B-49 VRV9518SWAC24-B-49 -
AskeyRTW026 RTW026 -
AskeyRTW026-D31 RTW026-D31 -
ASRockG10 G10 admin/admin
ASUS4G-AC55U 4G-AC55U admin/admin
ASUS4G-AC68U 4G-AC68U admin/admin
ASUS4G-N12 4G-N12 admin/admin
ASUSAAM6020VI-FI AAM6020VI-FI root/admin
ASUSBlue Cave Blue Cave admin/admin
ASUSBRT-AC828/M2 BRT-AC828/M2 admin/admin
ASUSCM-32 CM-32 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-AC52U DSL-AC52U admin/admin
ASUSDSL-AC56U DSL-AC56U admin/admin
ASUSDSL-AC68U DSL-AC68U admin/admin
ASUSDSL-G31 DSL-G31 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N10 DSL-N10 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N11 DSL-N11 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N12U DSL-N12U admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N12U rev B1 DSL-N12U rev B1 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N13 DSL-N13 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N17U DSL-N17U admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N17U B1 DSL-N17U B1 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N55U DSL-N55U admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N55U C1 DSL-N55U C1 admin/admin
ASUSDSL-N66U DSL-N66U admin/admin
ASUSGT-AC2900 GT-AC2900 admin/admin
ASUSGT-AC5300 GT-AC5300 admin/admin
ASUSGT-AC9600 GT-AC9600 admin/admin
ASUSGT-AX11000 GT-AX11000 admin/admin
ASUSLyra Lyra admin/admin
ASUSLyra Mini Lyra Mini admin/admin
ASUSLyra Voice Lyra Voice admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC1200G RT-AC1200G admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC1200GP RT-AC1200GP admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC1200HP RT-AC1200HP admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC1750 RT-AC1750 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC1900 RT-AC1900 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC1900P RT-AC1900P admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC3100 RT-AC3100 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC3200 RT-AC3200 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC51U RT-AC51U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC52U RT-AC52U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC52U B1 RT-AC52U B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC53 RT-AC53 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC5300 RT-AC5300 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC53U RT-AC53U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC54U RT-AC54U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC55U RT-AC55U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC55UHP RT-AC55UHP admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC56S RT-AC56S admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC56U RT-AC56U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC57U RT-AC57U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC58U RT-AC58U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC65P RT-AC65P admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC65U RT-AC65U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC66U RT-AC66U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC68P RT-AC68P admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC68U RT-AC68U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC68U Extreme RT-AC68U Extreme admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC68UF RT-AC68UF admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC750 RT-AC750 admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC750GF RT-AC750GF admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC85U RT-AC85U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC86U RT-AC86U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC87U RT-AC87U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AC88U RT-AC88U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AX88U RT-AX88U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AX92U RT-AX92U admin/admin
ASUSRT-AX95U RT-AX95U admin/admin
ASUSRT-G32 rev A1 RT-G32 rev A1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-G32 rev B1 RT-G32 rev B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-G32 rev C1 RT-G32 rev C1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10 rev A1 RT-N10 rev A1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10 rev C1 RT-N10 rev C1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10+ rev D1 RT-N10+ rev D1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10+ rev B1 RT-N10+ rev B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10E RT-N10E admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10E B1 RT-N10E B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10P RT-N10P admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10P V2 RT-N10P V2 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10U RT-N10U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N10U B RT-N10U B admin/admin
ASUSRT-N11 RT-N11 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N11P RT-N11P admin/admin
ASUSRT-N11P B1 RT-N11P B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev A1 RT-N12 rev A1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev B1 RT-N12 rev B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev C1 RT-N12 rev C1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev D1 RT-N12 rev D1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12+ B1 RT-N12+ B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12E RT-N12E admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12E B1 RT-N12E B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12E C1 RT-N12E C1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12HP RT-N12HP admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12HP B1 RT-N12HP B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12K RT-N12K admin/admin
ASUSRT-N12VP RT-N12VP admin/admin
ASUSRT-N13 RT-N13 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N13U RT-N13U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N13U B1 RT-N13U B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N14U RT-N14U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N14UHP RT-N14UHP admin/admin
ASUSRT-N15 RT-N15 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N15U RT-N15U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N16 RT-N16 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N18U RT-N18U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N300 RT-N300 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N300 B1 RT-N300 B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N53 RT-N53 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N54U RT-N54U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N56U RT-N56U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N56U B1 RT-N56U B1 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N600 RT-N600 admin/admin
ASUSRT-N65U RT-N65U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N66U RT-N66U admin/admin
ASUSRT-N66W RT-N66W admin/admin
ASUSRT-N800HP RT-N800HP admin/admin
ASUSWL-330N3G WL-330N3G admin/admin
ASUSWL-500 WL-500 admin/admin
ASUSWL-500b WL-500b admin/admin
ASUSWL-500g WL-500g admin/admin
ASUSWL-500g Deluxe WL-500g Deluxe admin/admin
ASUSWL-500gP v1 WL-500gP v1 admin/admin
ASUSWL-500gP v2 WL-500gP v2 admin/admin
ASUSWL-500W WL-500W admin/admin
ASUSWL-520g WL-520g admin/admin
ASUSWL-520gC WL-520gC admin/admin
ASUSWL-520gU WL-520gU admin/admin
ASUSWL-530g WL-530g admin/admin
ASUSWL-530gV2 WL-530gV2 admin/admin
ASUSWL-550gE WL-550gE admin/admin
ASUSWL-566gM WL-566gM admin/admin
ASUSWL-600g WL-600g admin/admin
ASUSWL-700gE WL-700gE admin/admin
ASUSWMVN25E2+ WMVN25E2+ admin/admin
AtherosAR5BAP-00031 AR5BAP-00031 Admin/5up
AtherosAR5BAP-00032 AR5BAP-00032 Admin/5up
AtherosAR5BAP-00033 AR5BAP-00033 Admin/5up
AztechDSL1000EW(L) DSL1000EW(L) admin/admin
AztechDSL5005EN DSL5005EN admin/admin
AztechDSL5008EN DSL5008EN admin/admin
AztechDSL600EW DSL600EW -
AztechDSL605EW DSL605EW -
BandLuxeR250 R250 admin/hsparouter
BandLuxeR305 R305 admin/hsparouter
BaudTecRN243R4-2T2R RN243R4-2T2R admin/admin
BaudTecTW263R4-A2 TW263R4-A2 admin/1234
BCMBR-N150 BR-N150 admin/admin
BCMMOR600 MOR600 admin/admin
BeelineSmartBox SmartBox admin/admin
BeelineSmartBox One SmartBox One admin/admin
BeelineSmartBox One v2 SmartBox One v2 admin/admin
BeelineSmartBox Pro SmartBox Pro admin/admin
BeelineSmartBox Turbo+ SmartBox Turbo+ admin/admin
BenQAWL700 AWL700 admin/admin
BillionBiPAC 7600NX BiPAC 7600NX admin/admin
BlitzzBWA711 v1 (??) BWA711 v1 (??) admin/admin
BlitzzBWA711 v2 (??) BWA711 v2 (??) admin/admin
BrowanBW1230 BW1230 -
Budget1 Wireless B2004 1 Wireless B2004 guest/guest
BuffaloWZR2-G300N WZR2-G300N -
CalixGigaHub 814G-1 GigaHub 814G-1 -
CalixGigaSpire GS2020E GigaSpire GS2020E -
CalixGigaSpire GS2026E GigaSpire GS2026E -
CameoWLG-2206 WLG-2206 admin/admin
CameoWLG-2207 WLG-2207 admin/admin
CameoWLG-2210 WLG-2210 admin/admin
CameoWLG-2214 WLG-2214 admin/admin
CameoWLN-2223 WLN-2223 admin/admin
CastleNetASW600+ ASW600+ Admin/Admin
CastleNetASW800 ASW800 Admin/Admin
CastleNetASW915N+ ASW915N+ admin/admin
CiscoCVR100W CVR100W cisco/cisco
CiscoRAN201 RAN201 admin/admin
CiscoRV120W RV120W cisco/cisco
CiscoRV215W RV215W cisco/cisco
CiscoRV220W RV220W cisco/cisco
CiscoRV315W RV315W cisco/cisco
CiscoRV340W RV340W cisco/cisco
CiscoValet Plus M20 Valet Plus M20 admin/admin
ClearAccessEG30WV EG30WV admin/admin
CNetCDR-905 CDR-905 admin/admin
CNetCQR-980 CQR-980 admin/admin
CNetCQR-981 CQR-981 admin/admin
CNetCWR-500 CWR-500 -
CNetCWR-635M CWR-635M admin/admin
CNetCWR-800 CWR-800 admin/admin
CNetWNIR3300 WNIR3300 admin/admin
CompaqiPAQ Connection Point CP-2W iPAQ Connection Point CP-2W -
ComtrendAR-5389 AR-5389 root/12345
ComtrendCT-536+ CT-536+ admin/admin
ComtrendCT-5364A CT-5364A root/12345
ComtrendCT-6373 CT-6373 root/12345
ComtrendNexusLink 3111u NexusLink 3111u root/12345
ComtrendVG-8050 VG-8050 -
ComtrendVR-3031u VR-3031u root/12345
ComtrendWR-5931 WR-5931 -
ConnectlandRT-CNL-WL-N-SW4 RT-CNL-WL-N-SW4 Administrator/admin
CoregaCG-WGR1200 CG-WGR1200 -
CoregaCG-WLR300NM CG-WLR300NM -
CreativeCW2200 CW2200 -
CyberTANWG-414B1 WG-414B1 admin/admin
CyberTANWG214-K WG214-K -
CyberTANWG214A WG214A -
CyberTANWR114 WR114 -
CyberTANWR214C WR214C -
CyberTANWR214E WR214E -
D Link
D-LinkDIR-615 rev R1 DIR-615 rev R1 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2600U DSL-2600U admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2640B rev B2 DSL-2640B rev B2 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2640B rev C4 DSL-2640B rev C4 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2640R rev B1 DSL-2640R rev B1 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2640U rev B2 DSL-2640U rev B2 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2740R DSL-2740R admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-2750U rev C1 DSL-2750U rev C1 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-3782 DSL-3782 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-6740U-G1 DSL-6740U-G1 admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-G604T DSL-G604T admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-G624M DSL-G624M admin/admin
D-LinkDSL-G624T rev A1 DSL-G624T rev A1 admin/admin
D-LinkDVA-G3342SD DVA-G3342SD admin/admin
D-LinkDVA-G3672B DVA-G3672B admin/admin
D-LinkDWR-118 rev A1 DWR-118 rev A1 admin/admin
D-LinkDWR-118 rev A2 DWR-118 rev A2 admin/admin
D-LinkDWR-118 rev B1 DWR-118 rev B1 admin/admin
DareGlobalDB120-WG (FCC) DB120-WG (FCC) admin/password
Dq Technology
DQ TechnologyVisionNet M625N VisionNet M625N -
DrayTekVigor 2710ne Vigor 2710ne admin/admin
DrayTekVigor 2830n Vigor 2830n admin/admin
DrayTekVigor 2830n plus Vigor 2830n plus admin/admin
DrayTekVigor 2912n Vigor 2912n admin/admin
DrayTekVigor 2925ac Vigor 2925ac admin/admin
DrayTekVigor 2952n Vigor 2952n admin/admin
DrayTekVigorFly 200 VigorFly 200 admin/admin
DynalinkRTA1025W RTA1025W admin/admin
E Top
E-TOPNR620m NR620m admin/admin
Edgewater Networks
Edgewater NetworksEdgeMarc 200AW EdgeMarc 200AW root/default
EdimaxGemini RG21S Gemini RG21S admin/1234
EltelET-5300 ET-5300 admin/[email protected]
Emc Tech
EMC TechMS-5400R MS-5400R -
EncoreENDSL-4R5G ENDSL-4R5G admin/admin
EncoreENHWI-G ENHWI-G admin/admin
EncoreENHWI-G3 ENHWI-G3 admin/admin
EncoreENHWI-N ENHWI-N Administrator/admin
EncoreENHWI-N2 ENHWI-N2 admin/admin
EnGeniusESR-1220 ESR-1220 admin/admin
EnGeniusESR-1221 EXT ESR-1221 EXT admin/admin
EnGeniusESR9855G ESR9855G admin/admin
FASTFW300R v9.x FW300R v9.x admin/admin
FASTFWR171 150M FWR171 150M -
FiberHomeHG320 (China Telecom) HG320 (China Telecom) -
FlyingvoiceFWR9600B FWR9600B admin/admin
GatewayWBR-100 WBR-100 admin/admin
GatewayWGR-200 WGR-200 admin/admin
GemtekWX-5803 WX-5803 admin/admin
getnetGA-524WA GA-524WA admin/admin
Global Sun
Global SunGL2411RT-0B GL2411RT-0B -
Global SunGL2454RT-NM GL2454RT-NM admin/admin
Global SunGL2454RT-QA0 GL2454RT-QA0 admin/admin
HameSuper 3.5G Router (HM-432R) Super 3.5G Router (HM-432R) admin/admin
HongdianH8951-LQA H8951-LQA -
HuaweiD100 D100 Admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG520s EchoLife HG520s admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG532 EchoLife HG532 admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG552a EchoLife HG552a admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG655b EchoLife HG655b admin/admin
HuaweieSpace EGW1500E eSpace EGW1500E -
HuaweiHG255s HG255s admin/superonline / vdf.0542
HuaweiHG530 HG530 admin/admin
HuaweiHG531 v1 HG531 v1 user/user
HuaweiHG532d HG532d user/user
HuaweiHG532e HG532e user/user
HuaweiHG532s HG532s admin/admin
HuaweiHG533 HG533 admin/admin
HuaweiHG658 HG658 vodafone/admin/vodafone/admin1234
HuaweiHHG2500 HHG2500 vodafone/admin/vodafone/admin1234
IBMHigh Rate Wireless LAN Gateway (DR-E200W) High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway (DR-E200W) -
iBossHome Wireless G Home Wireless G -
innacommW3400 W3400 admin/admin
innacommW3400V W3400V admin/admin
innoband8520-B1 8520-B1 -
Intelligent Technology
Intelligent TechnologyFW151A FW151A -
ISONWIFIe+1 e+1 admin/admin
ISONWIFIISonlink E05S ISonlink E05S admin/admin
JCGJHR-AC836M JHR-AC836M admin/admin
JCGJHR-AC865 JHR-AC865 admin/admin
JCGJHR-N805R JHR-N805R admin/admin
JCGJHR-N825R JHR-N825R admin/admin
JCGJHR-N845R JHR-N845R admin/admin
JCGJHR-N926R+ JHR-N926R+ admin/admin
JCGJHR-N936R JHR-N936R admin/admin
JetstreamERAC1900 ERAC1900 admin/admin
KasdaKA1200 KA1200 -
KasdaKA1750 KA1750 admin/admin
KasdaKA1900 KA1900 -
KasdaKW5212H KW5212H admin/adslroot
KasdaKW5813 KW5813 admin/adslroot
KasdaKW58293 KW58293 admin/admin
KasdaKW62293 KW62293 admin/admin
KasdaKW6515 KW6515 -
KasdaKW6516 KW6516 -
KozumiKM410WG KM410WG admin/admin
LenovoNewifi 1 Newifi 1 admin/admin
LenovoNewifi 2 Newifi 2 admin/admin
LenovoNewifi mini Newifi mini admin/admin
LevelOneWBR-6003 v2 WBR-6003 v2 admin/password
LevelOneWBR-6603 WBR-6603 -
LevelOneWBR-6802 WBR-6802 admin/admin
LevelOneWGR-6012 WGR-6012 admin/admin
LevelOneWGR-6013 WGR-6013 -
LinksysBEFSR41W BEFSR41W -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v1 BEFW11S4 v1 -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375) BEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375) -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375P) BEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375P) -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v3.0 BEFW11S4 v3.0 -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v3.2 BEFW11S4 v3.2 -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v4 (r1, Taiwan) BEFW11S4 v4 (r1, Taiwan) -
LinksysBEFW11S4 v4 (r2, China) BEFW11S4 v4 (r2, China) -
LinksysCG6350 CG6350 -
LinksysCG7500 CG7500 -
LinksysE1000 v1 E1000 v1 -
LinksysE1000 v2.0 E1000 v2.0 -
LinksysE1000 v2.1 E1000 v2.1 -
LinksysE1200 v1 E1200 v1 -
LinksysE1200 v2 E1200 v2 -
LinksysE1500 E1500 -
LinksysE1550 E1550 -
LinksysE2000 E2000 admin/admin
LinksysE2100L E2100L admin/admin
LinksysE2500 v1 E2500 v1 -
LinksysE2500 v2 E2500 v2 admin/admin
LinksysE2500 v3 E2500 v3 admin/admin
LinksysE3000 E3000 -
LinksysE3200 E3200 -
LinksysE4200 v1 E4200 v1 -
LinksysE4200 v2 E4200 v2 admin/admin
LinksysE800 E800 admin/admin
LinksysE8350 E8350 admin/admin
LinksysE8400 E8400 admin/admin
LinksysE900 E900 admin/admin
LinksysEA2700 EA2700 admin/admin
LinksysEA2750 EA2750 admin/admin
LinksysEA2750 v1.3 EA2750 v1.3 admin/admin
LinksysEA3500 EA3500 admin/admin
LinksysEA4500 v1 (Cisco) EA4500 v1 (Cisco) admin/admin
LinksysEA4500 v3 EA4500 v3 admin/admin
LinksysEA6200 EA6200 -
LinksysEA6350 v3 EA6350 v3 -
LinksysEA6500 v1 EA6500 v1 -
LinksysEA6500 v2 EA6500 v2 admin/admin
LinksysEA6900 v1.0 EA6900 v1.0 admin/admin
LinksysEA7300 EA7300 -
LinksysEA7400 v2 EA7400 v2 -
LinksysVelop (WHW01) Velop (WHW01) -
LinksysWAG120N WAG120N admin/admin
LinksysWAG160N v1 WAG160N v1 admin/admin
LinksysWAG160N v2 WAG160N v2 admin/admin
LinksysWAG310G WAG310G admin/admin
LinksysWAG320N WAG320N admin/admin
LinksysWAG354G v1 WAG354G v1 admin/admin
LinksysWAG54G v1.0 WAG54G v1.0 admin/admin
LinksysWAG54G v2 WAG54G v2 admin/admin
LinksysWAG54GP2 v2 WAG54GP2 v2 admin/admin
LinksysWAG54GS WAG54GS -
LinksysWFR11B-JP WFR11B-JP -
LinksysWRK54G v1.0 WRK54G v1.0 -
LinksysWRK54G v2 WRK54G v2 -
LinksysWRT100 WRT100 -
LinksysWRT110 WRT110 -
LinksysWRT120N WRT120N -
LinksysWRT150N v1.0 WRT150N v1.0 -
LinksysWRT150N v1.1 WRT150N v1.1 -
LinksysWRT160N v1.0 WRT160N v1.0 -
LinksysWRT160N v1.1 WRT160N v1.1 -
LinksysWRT160N v2 WRT160N v2 -
LinksysWRT160N v3 WRT160N v3 -
LinksysWRT160NL WRT160NL -
LinksysWRT1900AC v1 WRT1900AC v1 -
LinksysWRT300N v1.0 WRT300N v1.0 -
LinksysWRT300N v1.1 WRT300N v1.1 -
LinksysWRT310N v1 WRT310N v1 -
LinksysWRT310N v2 WRT310N v2 admin/admin
LinksysWRT3200ACM WRT3200ACM -
LinksysWRT320N v1 WRT320N v1 -
LinksysWRT32X WRT32X -
LinksysWRT330N WRT330N -
LinksysWRT350N v1 WRT350N v1 -
LinksysWRT350N v2 WRT350N v2 -
LinksysWRT400N WRT400N -
LinksysWRT51AB WRT51AB -
LinksysWRT54AG WRT54AG -
LinksysWRT54G v1.0 WRT54G v1.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v1.1 WRT54G v1.1 -
LinksysWRT54G v2.0 WRT54G v2.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v2.2 WRT54G v2.2 -
LinksysWRT54G v3.0 WRT54G v3.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v3.1 WRT54G v3.1 -
LinksysWRT54G v4.0 WRT54G v4.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v5.0 WRT54G v5.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v6.0 WRT54G v6.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v7.0 WRT54G v7.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v8.0 WRT54G v8.0 -
LinksysWRT54G v8.2 WRT54G v8.2 -
LinksysWRT54G-RG WRT54G-RG -
LinksysWRT54G2 v1.0 WRT54G2 v1.0 -
LinksysWRT54G2 v1.3 WRT54G2 v1.3 -
LinksysWRT54G2 v1.5 WRT54G2 v1.5 -
LinksysWRT54G3GV2-ST WRT54G3GV2-ST -
LinksysWRT54GC v1 WRT54GC v1 -
LinksysWRT54GH WRT54GH -
LinksysWRT54GL v1.0 WRT54GL v1.0 -
LinksysWRT54GL v1.1 WRT54GL v1.1 -
LinksysWRT54GR v1.0 WRT54GR v1.0 -
LinksysWRT54GR v1.1 WRT54GR v1.1 -
LinksysWRT54GS v1.0 WRT54GS v1.0 -
LinksysWRT54GS v1.1 WRT54GS v1.1 -
LinksysWRT54GS v2.0 WRT54GS v2.0 -
LinksysWRT54GS v2.1 WRT54GS v2.1 -
LinksysWRT54GS v3 WRT54GS v3 -
LinksysWRT54GS v4 WRT54GS v4 -
LinksysWRT54GS v5.0 WRT54GS v5.0 -
LinksysWRT54GS v5.1 WRT54GS v5.1 -
LinksysWRT54GS v6.0 WRT54GS v6.0 -
LinksysWRT54GS v7.0 WRT54GS v7.0 -
LinksysWRT54GS v7.2 WRT54GS v7.2 -
LinksysWRT54GS2 WRT54GS2 -
LinksysWRT54GX v1 WRT54GX v1 -
LinksysWRT54GX v2 WRT54GX v2 -
LinksysWRT54GX2 v1 WRT54GX2 v1 -
LinksysWRT54GX2 v2 WRT54GX2 v2 -
LinksysWRT54GX4 WRT54GX4 admin/admin
LinksysWRT55AG v1 WRT55AG v1 -
LinksysWRT55AG v2 WRT55AG v2 -
LinksysWRT600N v1.0 WRT600N v1.0 -
LinksysWRT600N v1.1 WRT600N v1.1 -
LinksysWRT610N v1 WRT610N v1 -
LinksysWRT610N v2 WRT610N v2 -
LinksysWRVS4400N v1.0 WRVS4400N v1.0 admin/admin
LinksysWRVS4400N v1.1 WRVS4400N v1.1 admin/admin
LinksysWRVS4400N v2.0 WRVS4400N v2.0 admin/admin
LinksysX2000 v2 X2000 v2 admin/admin
LinksysX3000 X3000 admin/admin
LinksysX3500 X3500 admin/admin
LinksysX6200 X6200 admin/admin
MacSenseXRouter Aero WSR-5000 XRouter Aero WSR-5000 -
MercuryMW300R v3.x MW300R v3.x admin/admin
MercuryMW305R v1.x MW305R v1.x admin/admin
MercuryMW305R v3.x MW305R v3.x admin/admin
MicronetSP916GL V4 SP916GL V4 -
MitraStarGPT-2541GNAC GPT-2541GNAC -
Mofi Network
Mofi NetworkMOFI4500-4GXELTE MOFI4500-4GXELTE root/admin
MotorolaMR1700 MR1700 admin/motorola
MotorolaMR2600 MR2600 admin/motorola
MSIRG54G3 RG54G3 -
MSIRG54SE II RG54SE II admin/admin
MSIRG60SE RG60SE admin/admin
NAGSNR-CPE-W4N (rev.M) SNR-CPE-W4N (rev.M) Admin/Admin
NECRG-A100L RG-A100L admin/1234
NetcoreNW616 NW616 guest/guest
NetcoreNW702 NW702 guest/guest
NetcoreNW705P NW705P guest/guest
NetcoreNW725 NW725 guest/guest
NetcoreNW725P NW725P guest/guest
NetgearAC1450 AC1450 admin/password
NetgearDGFV114G DGFV114G admin/password
NetgearFVS318N FVS318N admin/password
NetgearJDGN1000 JDGN1000 admin/admin
NetgearJNR3210 JNR3210 admin/password
NetgearJR6100 JR6100 -
NetgearJWNR2000v1 JWNR2000v1 admin/password
NetgearJWNR2000v2 JWNR2000v2 admin/password
NetgearKWGR614 KWGR614 admin/password
NetgearNighthawk AC2100 Nighthawk AC2100 admin/password
NetgearNighthawk AC2400 Nighthawk AC2400 admin/password
NetgearOrbi Router (RBR40) Orbi Router (RBR40) admin/password
NetgearOrbi Router (RBR50) Orbi Router (RBR50) admin/password
NetgearOrbi Satellite (RBS40) Orbi Satellite (RBS40) admin/password
NetgearOrbi Satellite (RBS50) Orbi Satellite (RBS50) admin/password
NetgearR6000 R6000 admin/password
NetgearR6020 R6020 admin/password
NetgearR6080 R6080 admin/password
NetgearR6100 R6100 admin/password
NetgearR6120 R6120 admin/password
NetgearR6200v1 R6200v1 admin/password
NetgearR6220 R6220 admin/password
NetgearR6230 R6230 admin/password
NetgearR6250 R6250 admin/password
NetgearR6300 v1 R6300 v1 admin/password
NetgearR6300 v2 R6300 v2 admin/password
NetgearR6400 v1 R6400 v1 admin/password
NetgearR6700 v2 R6700 v2 admin/password
NetgearR6800 R6800 admin/password
NetgearR6900v2 R6900v2 admin/password
NetgearR7100LG R7100LG admin/password
NetgearR7450 R7450 admin/password
NetgearSRXN3205 SRXN3205 admin/password
NetgearWGM124 WGM124 admin/password
NetgearWGR612 WGR612 admin/password
NetgearWGR614L WGR614L admin/password
NetgearWGR614v10 WGR614v10 admin/password
NetgearWGR614v6 WGR614v6 admin/password
NetgearWGR614v7 WGR614v7 admin/password
NetgearWGR614v8 WGR614v8 admin/password
NetgearWGR614v9 WGR614v9 admin/password
NetgearWGT624v3 WGT624v3 admin/password
NetgearWGT624v4 WGT624v4 admin/password
NetgearWGT634U WGT634U admin/password
NetgearWGU624 WGU624 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3300v1 WNDR3300v1 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3400v1 WNDR3400v1 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3400v2 WNDR3400v2 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3400v3 WNDR3400v3 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3700v1 WNDR3700v1 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3700v2 WNDR3700v2 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3700v3 WNDR3700v3 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3700v4 WNDR3700v4 admin/password
NetgearWNDR3800 WNDR3800 admin/password
NetgearWNDR4000 WNDR4000 admin/password
NetgearWNDR4300v1 WNDR4300v1 admin/password
NetgearWNDR4300v2 WNDR4300v2 admin/password
NetgearWNDR4500v1 WNDR4500v1 admin/password
NetgearWNDR4500v2 WNDR4500v2 admin/password
NetgearWNDRMACv1 WNDRMACv1 admin/password
NetgearWNR1000v1 WNR1000v1 admin/password
NetgearWNR1000v2 WNR1000v2 admin/password
NetgearWNR1000v2h2 WNR1000v2h2 admin/password
NetgearWNR1000v3 WNR1000v3 admin/password
NetgearWNR2000v1 WNR2000v1 admin/password
NetgearWNR2000v2 WNR2000v2 admin/password
NetgearWNR2000v3 WNR2000v3 admin/password
NetgearWNR2200 WNR2200 admin/password
NetgearWNR3500Lv1 WNR3500Lv1 admin/password
NetgearWNR3500Lv2 WNR3500Lv2 admin/password
NetgearWNR3500U WNR3500U admin/password
NetgearWNR3500v1 WNR3500v1 admin/password
NetgearWNR3500v2 WNR3500v2 admin/password
NetgearWNR612v2 WNR612v2 admin/password
NetgearWNR834Bv1 WNR834Bv1 admin/password
NetgearWNR834Bv2 WNR834Bv2 admin/password
NetgearWNR834M WNR834M admin/password
NetgearWNR854T WNR854T admin/password
NetgearWPN824N WPN824N admin/password
NetgearWPN824v1 WPN824v1 admin/password
NetgearWPN824v2 WPN824v2 admin/password
NetgearWPN824v3 WPN824v3 admin/password
NetgearWPNT834 WPNT834 admin/password
NetisDL-4302 DL-4302 guest/guest
NetisDL4304D DL4304D admin/admin
NetisDL4305 DL4305 admin/admin
NetisDL4305D DL4305D admin/admin
NetisDL4311 (v1?) DL4311 (v1?) guest/guest
NetisDL4311 (v2?) DL4311 (v2?) guest/guest
NetisDL4322D DL4322D guest/guest
NetisW2 W2 -
NetisWF-2402 WF-2402 guest/guest
NetisWF-2403 WF-2403 guest/guest
NetisWF-2404 WF-2404 guest/guest
NetisWF-2407 WF-2407 guest/guest
NetisWF-2409 WF-2409 guest/guest
NetisWF2412 WF2412 -
NetisWF2415 WF2415 -
NetisWF2419 WF2419 -
NetisWF2420 WF2420 -
NetisWF2471 WF2471 -
NetisWF2481 WF2481 -
NetisWF2710 WF2710 -
NetopiaCayman 3347W Cayman 3347W admin/admin
NetronixW440A W440A admin/admin
NetronixW441A W441A admin/admin
NetronixW443D W443D admin/admin
NetronixWB-460 WB-460 admin/admin
NetsysNV-720S NV-720S admin/admin
NetweeNC140T C140T -
NetweeNC340T C340T -
Network Everywhere
Network Everywhere(Linksys) NWR04B (Linksys) NWR04B -
Network Everywhere(Linksys) NWR11B (Linksys) NWR11B admin/admin
Newer Technology
Newer TechnologyMXP802NRTR MXP802NRTR -
NexairaNexConnect (R-NEXUSB08) NexConnect (R-NEXUSB08) root/admin
NokiaE-140W-P E-140W-P -
On Networks
On Networks(Netgear) N150R (Netgear) N150R admin/admin
On Networks(Netgear) N300R (Netgear) N300R admin/admin
OptionGlobeSurfer III GlobeSurfer III -
OrangeLivebox 4 Livebox 4 -
pakedgeWR-1 WR-1 admin/admin
ParadigmPTI-8511N PTI-8511N admin/admin
PerfectPFTP-WR300 PFTP-WR300 admin/admin
PHICOMMFD-364N A2.0 FD-364N A2.0 admin/admin
PirelliDRG A125G DRG A125G admin/admin
PlanetVC-230N VC-230N admin/admin
PlanetWNRT-617 v1 WNRT-617 v1 admin/admin
PlanetWNRT-617 v2 WNRT-617 v2 admin/admin
PlanetWNRT-627 v1 (??) WNRT-627 v1 (??) admin/admin
PlanetWRT-410 WRT-410 admin/admin
PlanexBLW-04SAG BLW-04SAG -
PlanexBLW-54CW3 BLW-54CW3 admin/0
PlanexBRC-W108G BRC-W108G -
PlanexBRL-04CW-U BRL-04CW-U admin/password
PlanexBRL-04UR BRL-04UR admin/0
PlanexMZK-W04N MZK-W04N Admin/0
PlanexMZK-W04NU MZK-W04NU admin/password
PlanexMZK-W300NH MZK-W300NH admin/password
Pro Nets
PRO-NETSWA25R WA25R admin/admin
PRO-NETSWA25TD2 WA25TD2 admin/admin
PRO-NETSWR514A WR514A admin/admin
PRO-NETSWR514R WR514R admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR514VN WR514VN admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR750R WR750R admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR750RL WR750RL admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR750RLD WR750RLD admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR850R WR850R admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR850RD WR850RD admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR850RL WR850RL admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR850RLD WR850RLD admin/1234
PRO-NETSWR861R WR861R admin/1234
ProwarePW-3G401D PW-3G401D admin/admin
ProwarePW-3G401M PW-3G401M admin/admin
ProwarePW-RN401D v2 PW-RN401D v2 admin/admin
ProwarePW-RN401D v3 PW-RN401D v3 admin/admin
ProwarePW-RN501D v3 PW-RN501D v3 admin/admin
ProwarePW-RN501D v4 PW-RN501D v4 admin/admin
QTECHQBR-2041WW QBR-2041WW admin/admin
QTECHQDSL-1040WU rev.2 QDSL-1040WU rev.2 admin/admin
RadioLabsAWR1114gA AWR1114gA -
ReadyNetWR300NQ WR300NQ admin/admin
RosewillL600N L600N admin/admin
RosewillRNX-GX4 RNX-GX4 admin/guest
RosewillRNX-N150RT v1 RNX-N150RT v1 admin/admin
RosewillRNX-N150RT v2 RNX-N150RT v2 admin/admin
RosewillRNX-N300RT RNX-N300RT admin/admin
RosewillRNX-N360RT RNX-N360RT admin/admin
RuntopWR-1230 WR-1230 -
RuntopWR-4457 WR-4457 -
SAPIDOBR261c BR261c admin/admin
SAPIDOGR-1736 GR-1736 admin/admin
SAPIDORB-1232 RB-1232 admin/admin
SerCommVD625 VD625 admin/admin
Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics
Shenzhen Gongjin ElectronicsGaw9.5Z97-4 Gaw9.5Z97-4 admin/admin
ShenzhenMTN Electronics WR-150 MTN Electronics WR-150 admin/admin
SiemensGigaset SX762 Gigaset SX762 admin/admin
SmartRGSR310N SR310N admin/1234
SmartRGSR505N SR505N admin/admin
SmartRGSR550n SR550n admin/admin
SmartRGSR900ac SR900ac admin/admin
SmartRGSR905ac SR905ac admin/admin
SparkLANWRTR-300 WRTR-300 -
SynologyRT1900ac RT1900ac -
SynologyRT2600ac RT2600ac -
technicolorDWA1230 DWA1230 -
technicolorTD5130v1 TD5130v1 -
technicolorTD5136 v2 TD5136 v2 -
technicolorTD5137 TD5137 admin/admin
technicolorTG589vac v2 HP TG589vac v2 HP -
TecomAW4042U-G AW4042U-G admin/admin
TecomAW4042U-N AW4042U-N admin/admin
TecomAW4061 AW4061 admin/system
TecomGW5051 GW5051 admin/admin
TecomGW6000 GW6000 admin/admin
TecomIG6600 IG6600 admin1234/123456
TecomWB1000 WB1000 admin/admin
TendaD151 D151 admin/admin
TendaD151 v2 D151 v2 admin/admin
TendaD151 v3 D151 v3 admin/admin
TendaD301 D301 admin/admin
TendaD302 D302 admin/admin
TendaHG305-G HG305-G admin/admin
TendaW150D v6 (??) W150D v6 (??) admin/admin
Texas Instruments
Texas InstrumentsAR7Wi (AR7W 92-8275-01 rev 4) AR7Wi (AR7W 92-8275-01 rev 4) Admin/Admin
TOTOLINKA6004NS A6004NS admin/admin
TOTOLINKN150RT N150RT admin/admin
Tp Link
TP-LINKArcher C2300 v1.x Archer C2300 v1.x -
TP-LINKArcher C6 v2.x Archer C6 v2.x admin/admin
TP-LINKArcher D50 v1.x Archer D50 v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKArcher D7 v1.x Archer D7 v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKArcher VR900 v1.0 Archer VR900 v1.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKArcher VR900v (v1.0) Archer VR900v (v1.0) admin/admin
TP-LINKCR1900 v1.x CR1900 v1.x -
TP-LINKDeco M5 Deco M5 -
TP-LINKTD-VG3631 TD-VG3631 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8900G TD-W8900G admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8901G v1.x TD-W8901G v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8901G v3.x TD-W8901G v3.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8901G v6.x TD-W8901G v6.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8901N v1 TD-W8901N v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8901N v2 TD-W8901N v2 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8901N v3 TD-W8901N v3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8920G TD-W8920G admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8951ND v3 TD-W8951ND v3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8951ND v4 TD-W8951ND v4 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8951ND v5 TD-W8951ND v5 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8951ND v6 TD-W8951ND v6 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8960N v1.x TD-W8960N v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8960N v3.x TD-W8960N v3.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8960N v4.x TD-W8960N v4.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8960N v5.x TD-W8960N v5.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8961NB v3.0 TD-W8961NB v3.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8961ND v1.x TD-W8961ND v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8961ND v2.x TD-W8961ND v2.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8961ND v3.x TD-W8961ND v3.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8968 v1 TD-W8968 v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8968 v2 TD-W8968 v2 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8968 v3 TD-W8968 v3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8970 v1 TD-W8970 v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8970 v3 TD-W8970 v3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W8980 v1 TD-W8980 v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W89841N v4.0 TD-W89841N v4.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W9970 v1 TD-W9970 v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W9970 v2 TD-W9970 v2 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD-W9977 TD-W9977 admin/admin
TP-LINKTD851W v2.x TD851W v2.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTD854W TD854W admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-MR3220 v1 TL-MR3220 v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-MR3420 v1 TL-MR3420 v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WDR3300 TL-WDR3300 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WDR4900 v2 TL-WDR4900 v2 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WDR7500 v2.x TL-WDR7500 v2.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WDR7500 v6.0 TL-WDR7500 v6.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WDR7660 TL-WDR7660 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR1041N v2 TL-WR1041N v2 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR1043ND v1.x TL-WR1043ND v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR2543ND v1 TL-WR2543ND v1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR340 v1.3 TL-WR340 v1.3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR340 v2.2 TL-WR340 v2.2 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR340 v2.3 TL-WR340 v2.3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR340 v4.0 TL-WR340 v4.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR541G v6.x TL-WR541G v6.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR541G v7.x TL-WR541G v7.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR542G v6.5 TL-WR542G v6.5 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR641G v3.4 TL-WR641G v3.4 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR642G v3.5 TL-WR642G v3.5 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR642G v3.6 TL-WR642G v3.6 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR703N v1.0 TL-WR703N v1.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR740N v1.x TL-WR740N v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR740N v2.x TL-WR740N v2.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR740N v3.x TL-WR740N v3.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR740N v5.x TL-WR740N v5.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR740N v6.x TL-WR740N v6.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR741ND v1.6 TL-WR741ND v1.6 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR741ND v1.9 TL-WR741ND v1.9 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR741ND v2.4 TL-WR741ND v2.4 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR741ND v4.3 TL-WR741ND v4.3 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR743ND v1.1 TL-WR743ND v1.1 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR745N v1.0 TL-WR745N v1.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR841N v7.x TL-WR841N v7.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR841ND v3.0 TL-WR841ND v3.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR841ND v5.x TL-WR841ND v5.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR841ND v7.x TL-WR841ND v7.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR847N TL-WR847N admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR940N v1.x TL-WR940N v1.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR941ND v1.0 TL-WR941ND v1.0 admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR941ND v2.x TL-WR941ND v2.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR941ND v3.x TL-WR941ND v3.x admin/admin
TP-LINKTL-WR941ND v4.x TL-WR941ND v4.x admin/admin
TRENDnetTEW-311BRP TEW-311BRP admin/admin
TRENDnetTEW-432BRP B1.0R TEW-432BRP B1.0R admin/admin
TRENDnetTEW-432BRP C1.0R TEW-432BRP C1.0R admin/admin
TRENDnetTEW-432BRP C1.1R TEW-432BRP C1.1R admin/admin
TRENDnetTEW-452BRP B1.1R TEW-452BRP B1.1R admin/admin
TurrisMOX MOX -
TurrisOmnia Omnia -
Turrisv1 v1 -
Ubiquiti Networks
Ubiquiti NetworksairRouter airRouter ubnt/ubnt
Ubiquiti NetworksairRouter HP airRouter HP ubnt/ubnt
Ubiquiti NetworksPowerAP N PowerAP N ubnt/ubnt
Unbranded3G Router 3G Router admin/admin
UnidenWNR2004 WNR2004 -
USRoboticsUSR9106 USR9106 admin/admin
USRoboticsUSR9108 USR9108 admin/admin
USRoboticsUSR9113 USR9113 -
UTTAC650W AC650W admin/admin
Well Communications
Well CommunicationsAWR-2440 AWR-2440 Admin/Admin
WestellA90-9100EM15-10 A90-9100EM15-10 -
WestellWireSpeed 2410 WireSpeed 2410 -
Western Digital
Western DigitalMy Net AC1300 My Net AC1300 admin/password
Western DigitalMy Net N600 My Net N600 admin/password
Western DigitalMy Net N750 My Net N750 admin/password
Western DigitalMy Net N900 My Net N900 admin/password
Western DigitalMy Net N900 Central (1TB) My Net N900 Central (1TB) admin/password
Western DigitalMy Net N900 Central (2TB) My Net N900 Central (2TB) admin/password
Wistron Neweb
Wistron NeWebRT-200G RT-200G -
X Micro
X-MicroXWL-11GRAG XWL-11GRAG admin/admin
X-MicroXWL-11GRAR XWL-11GRAR admin/admin
XAViX5671 X5671 admin/admin
XAViX7968 X7968 admin/admin
ZBTWE1326 WE1326 admin/admin
ZBTWE826 WE826 -
ZBTWG2626 WG2626 admin/admin
ZBTWG3526 WG3526 admin/admin
ZeroOne Technology AF411W One Technology AF411W admin/0
ZonetZSR1134WE ZSR1134WE guest/guest
Zoom4501 4501 -
Zoom4506 3G 4506 3G -
Zoom5363 5363 admin/admin
ZoomADSL Modem / Router w/ Wireless-N, Series 1093 ADSL Modem / Router w/ Wireless-N, Series 1093 admin/zoomadsl
ZoomX7N ADSL Modem, Series 1091 X7N ADSL Modem, Series 1091 admin/zoomadsl
ZTEWF820+ WF820+ 1admin0/ltecl4r0
ZTEZXDSL 931WII V1 ZXDSL 931WII V1 admin/admin
ZyXELAMG1202-T10A AMG1202-T10A -
ZyXELAMG1202-T10B AMG1202-T10B admin/1234
ZyXELAMG1302-T10A AMG1302-T10A -
ZyXELEMG3425-Q10A EMG3425-Q10A admin/1234
ZyXELEMG6765-Q10A EMG6765-Q10A -
ZyXELHomeSafe 100W (HS-100W) HomeSafe 100W (HS-100W) -
ZyXELKeenetic 4G rev B Keenetic 4G rev B admin/1234
ZyXELKeenetic Giga Keenetic Giga admin/1234
ZyXELKeenetic Giga II Keenetic Giga II -
ZyXELKeenetic Giga III Keenetic Giga III admin/admin
ZyXELKeenetic Lite II Keenetic Lite II admin/1234
ZyXELKeenetic Ultra Keenetic Ultra -
ZyXELKeenetic Ultra II Keenetic Ultra II admin/admin
ZyXELNBG-318S NBG-318S -
ZyXELNBG-416N NBG-416N -
ZyXELNBG-417N NBG-417N -
ZyXELNBG-418N v1 NBG-418N v1 admin/1234
ZyXELNBG-419N v1 NBG-419N v1 admin/1234
ZyXELNBG-419N v2 NBG-419N v2 -
ZyXELNBG4104 NBG4104 -
ZyXELNBG4604 NBG4604 -
ZyXELNBG4615 v1 NBG4615 v1 -
ZyXELNBG4615 v2 NBG4615 v2 -
ZyXELNBG5615 NBG5615 -
ZyXELNBG5715 NBG5715 -
ZyXELNBG6503 NBG6503 admin/1234
ZyXELNBG6616 NBG6616 -
ZyXELNBG6617 NBG6617 -
ZyXELNBG6716 NBG6716 -
ZyXELNBG6815 NBG6815 -
ZyXELNBG6816 (Armor Z1) NBG6816 (Armor Z1) admin/1234
ZyXELP-1302-T10B P-1302-T10B admin/1234
ZyXELP-2601HN-F1 P-2601HN-F1 admin/1234
ZyXELP-2601HN-F3 P-2601HN-F3 admin/1234
ZyXELP-2602HWN-D7A P-2602HWN-D7A admin/1234
ZyXELP-2812HNU-F1 P-2812HNU-F1 admin/1234
ZyXELP-2812HNU-F3 P-2812HNU-F3 admin/1234
ZyXELP-320W P-320W -
ZyXELP-320W v3 P-320W v3 -
ZyXELP-330W v1 P-330W v1 admin/1234
ZyXELP-334WT P-334WT -
ZyXELP-660HN-T1A P-660HN-T1A admin/1234
ZyXELP-660HN-T1A v2 P-660HN-T1A v2 admin/1234
ZyXELP-660HN-T1H P-660HN-T1H admin/1234
ZyXELP-660HN-T3A P-660HN-T3A admin/1234
ZyXELP-660HW-D1 v2 P-660HW-D1 v2 -
ZyXELP-660HW-T1 v1 P-660HW-T1 v1 -
ZyXELP-660HW-T1 v2 P-660HW-T1 v2 admin/1234
ZyXELP-661HNU-F3 P-661HNU-F3 admin/1234
ZyXELP-663HN-51 P-663HN-51 admin/1234
ZyXELP-870HN-51b P-870HN-51b admin/1234
ZyXELP-870HN-53b P-870HN-53b admin/1234
ZyXELP-870HNU-51c P-870HNU-51c admin/1234
ZyXELP-873HNUP-51B P-873HNUP-51B admin/1234
ZyXELPrestige 334W (P-334W) Prestige 334W (P-334W) -
ZyXELPrestige 964 Prestige 964 user/1234
ZyXELVMG3312-B10B VMG3312-B10B admin/1234
ZyXELVMG3925-B10B VMG3925-B10B admin/1234
ZyXELVMG4380-B10A VMG4380-B10A admin/1234
ZyXELX150N X150N -