Router Brands Default IP Addresses

ASUS Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default IP for ASUS

Based on your local ip address, pick the correct IP address from the list above and click Admin. You should be redirected to your router admin interface.

Default logins for ASUS

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IP Address:
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IP Address:
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IP Address:

Asus Router Login

Whether you need to set up a VPN, learn more about your ISP’s protocol settings, or just need to alter your existing network configurations, you need to know how to login to your router. 

Depending on your network configuration needs, you can opt for a variety of different router brands, each serving its own specialized niche. 

As one of the most popular brands out there, ASUS routers are highly reliable and extremely user-friendly; users can easily understand and operate their router console and settings without a lot of technical knowledge.

Asus Login Steps

If you have just recently bought a new ASUS router – or have had it for some time and want to know how to login to it – here’s a guide that will allow you to understand the process in a step by step manner.

  1. Ensure Connection via LAN or Wirelessly

    After you have powered on your ASUS Router, you will need to ensure that it is connected to an internet-enabled device like a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. This will allow you to initiate the ASUS router login process and access its GUI seamlessly. 

    There are two ways to do so: 

    Connect Via LAN

    This can be achieved by connecting an Ethernet cable between your ASUS router and computer. It’s not possible to use this mode of connectivity with a mobile/tablet as they do not typically possess Ethernet ports. 

    Connect Wirelessly

    You will be required to access the Network icon placed on the bottom right of your computer screen to connect to your ASUS Router Wirelessly. 

    Simply select the appropriate option from the list of available connections and enter your ASUS login credentials, i.e., SSID username and password. 

    If you are connecting via a mobile device, toggle the drop-down Settings Pane and press and hold “Wi-Fi” to open up the list of available connections. Locate the internet connection powered by your ASUS Router and enter your user credentials to connect to it.

  2. ASUS Router Login with IP Address via Browser

    Once the device is connected, you can then access the ASUS router GUI. 

    To accomplish this, you will first need to initiate a web browser program/app on your device and tap/click on the address bar. Next, enter the default IP address, i.e.,, to initiate ASUS router login. 

    If this doesn’t work, you can go to and select your model from the list of routers. 

  3. Access the Router Using the Default Login Info

    At this point, you will see a login screen asking for admin credentials, i.e., username and password, to allow you to proceed further and access the ASUS router’s settings pane. 

    For first time logins, the default username is Admin. You will need to set a password yourself and then reconfirm it by clicking on Next.

    In the case of previous logins, the ASUS router default login username and password will be conventionally set as Admin. 

How To Change ASUS Router User Password

If you have forgotten your ASUS router password, you will need to restore it to original factory settings. This will reset the credentials to the default user name and password. 

To reset the ASUS router password, locate the Hardware Reset Button – it is usually placed at the back of your router. Press and hold it for no more than 8-10 seconds until the power light starts flickering. 

Now, wait for at least 120 seconds and initiate login to your ASUS router again by using the default credentials.

You will now be directed to the Control Panel where you can change or learn more about the settings or current configurations. 

Useful Info

The process of login to an ASUS router can be understood easily through the information on this page. 

If you face any issues or want to configure your router differently, here are some essential points that will be helpful to you.

  • Connecting vs. Logging In

    You need to understand that there is a difference between connecting to the router via a device and logging into it – for instance, both of these might have entirely different user credentials. SSID or Service Set Identifier is what’s used to connect a device to the router to initiate an internet connection. This is generally used to connect to Wi-Fi or a LAN based internet connection. To login to your ASUS Router’s GUI based Settings Pane/Control Panel, you will need to follow the steps mentioned above. 

  • Changing The Password

    The security of your entire network is based on access privileges to the ASUS router. If compromised, you can be affected by all sorts of threats like Man-in-the-Middle Attacks. This is why we recommend that, just like everywhere else on your network, you must ensure that you are secured with a unique username and password. Changing them is very easy, and all you have to do is log in to the router dash/panel via existing credentials, click on Status > Security, and change the credentials according to your preferences.

  • Understanding Admin Privileges

    Once you have gained access to the Control Panel, you will have Admin rights over all the network settings. Simply put, any changes you make will temporarily or permanently affect the entire network, so you will need to tread carefully here. 

  • Saving the Existing Settings

    Whether you are going to change settings or not, you must copy the existing network configurations in a file on your device. This way, even if you change the settings and something goes wrong, you can always revert to the original settings. 

  • Who Should Log In to The ASUS Router’s Setup Page?

    The answer to this is anyone who is either capable or responsible for handling the network or its access privileges. Usually, the Network Administrator has access to the setup page, but others can do it as well – here, you should note that the dashboard is highly sensitive. Any changes can seriously affect your network. 

Models using ASUS

ASUS4G-AC55U 4G-AC55U admin / admin
ASUS4G-AC68U 4G-AC68U admin / admin
ASUS4G-N12 4G-N12 admin / admin
ASUSAAM6020VI-FI AAM6020VI-FI root / admin
ASUSAM200g AM200g -
ASUSAM604g AM604g -
ASUSBlue Cave Blue Cave admin / admin
ASUSBRT-AC828/M2 BRT-AC828/M2 admin / admin
ASUSCM-32 CM-32 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-AC52U DSL-AC52U admin / admin
ASUSDSL-AC56U DSL-AC56U admin / admin
ASUSDSL-AC68U DSL-AC68U admin / admin
ASUSDSL-G31 DSL-G31 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N10 DSL-N10 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N11 DSL-N11 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N12U DSL-N12U admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N12U rev B1 DSL-N12U rev B1 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N13 DSL-N13 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N17U DSL-N17U admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N17U B1 DSL-N17U B1 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N55U DSL-N55U admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N55U C1 DSL-N55U C1 admin / admin
ASUSDSL-N66U DSL-N66U admin / admin
ASUSGT-AC2900 GT-AC2900 admin / admin
ASUSGT-AC5300 GT-AC5300 admin / admin
ASUSGT-AC5400 GT-AC5400 -
ASUSGT-AC9600 GT-AC9600 admin / admin
ASUSGT-AX11000 GT-AX11000 admin / admin
ASUSGT-AX6000 GT-AX6000 -
ASUSLyra Lyra admin / admin
ASUSLyra Mini Lyra Mini admin / admin
ASUSLyra Trio Lyra Trio admin / admin
ASUSLyra Voice Lyra Voice admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1200 RT-AC1200 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1200G RT-AC1200G admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1200GP RT-AC1200GP admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1200GU RT-AC1200GU admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1200HP RT-AC1200HP admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1750 RT-AC1750 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1900 RT-AC1900 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC1900P RT-AC1900P admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC3100 RT-AC3100 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC3200 RT-AC3200 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC42U RT-AC42U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC51U RT-AC51U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC52U RT-AC52U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC52U B1 RT-AC52U B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC53 RT-AC53 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC5300 RT-AC5300 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC53U RT-AC53U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC54U RT-AC54U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC55U RT-AC55U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC55UHP RT-AC55UHP admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC56S RT-AC56S admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC56U RT-AC56U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC57U RT-AC57U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC58U RT-AC58U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC65P RT-AC65P admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC65U RT-AC65U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC66U RT-AC66U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC66U B1 RT-AC66U B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC68P RT-AC68P admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC68U RT-AC68U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC68U Extreme RT-AC68U Extreme admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC68UF RT-AC68UF admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC750 RT-AC750 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC750GF RT-AC750GF admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC85U RT-AC85U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC86U RT-AC86U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC87U RT-AC87U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AC88U RT-AC88U admin / admin
ASUSRT-ACRH13 RT-ACRH13 admin / admin
ASUSRT-ACRH17 RT-ACRH17 admin / admin
ASUSRT-AX88U RT-AX88U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AX92U RT-AX92U admin / admin
ASUSRT-AX95U RT-AX95U admin / admin
ASUSRT-G32 rev A1 RT-G32 rev A1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-G32 rev B1 RT-G32 rev B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-G32 rev C1 RT-G32 rev C1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10E RT-N10E admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10E B1 RT-N10E B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10P RT-N10P admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10P V2 RT-N10P V2 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10 rev A1 RT-N10 rev A1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10+ rev B1 RT-N10+ rev B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10 rev C1 RT-N10 rev C1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10 rev D1 RT-N10 rev D1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10+ rev D1 RT-N10+ rev D1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10U RT-N10U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N10U B RT-N10U B admin / admin
ASUSRT-N11 RT-N11 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N11P RT-N11P admin / admin
ASUSRT-N11P B1 RT-N11P B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12+ B1 RT-N12+ B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12E RT-N12E admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12E B1 RT-N12E B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12E C1 RT-N12E C1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12HP RT-N12HP admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12HP B1 RT-N12HP B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12K RT-N12K admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev A1 RT-N12 rev A1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev B1 RT-N12 rev B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev C1 RT-N12 rev C1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12 rev D1 RT-N12 rev D1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N12VP RT-N12VP admin / admin
ASUSRT-N13 RT-N13 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N13U RT-N13U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N13U B1 RT-N13U B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N14U RT-N14U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N14UHP RT-N14UHP admin / admin
ASUSRT-N15 RT-N15 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N15U RT-N15U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N16 RT-N16 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N18U RT-N18U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N300 RT-N300 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N300 B1 RT-N300 B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N53 RT-N53 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N54U RT-N54U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N56U RT-N56U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N56U B1 RT-N56U B1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N600 RT-N600 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N65U RT-N65U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N66U RT-N66U admin / admin
ASUSRT-N66U C1 RT-N66U C1 admin / admin
ASUSRT-N66W RT-N66W admin / admin
ASUSRT-N800HP RT-N800HP admin / admin
ASUSSRT-AC1900 (ASUS OnHub) SRT-AC1900 (ASUS OnHub) -
ASUSTM-AC1900 TM-AC1900 admin / password
ASUSWL-330N3G WL-330N3G admin / admin
ASUSWL-500 WL-500 admin / admin
ASUSWL-500b WL-500b admin / admin
ASUSWL-500g WL-500g admin / admin
ASUSWL-500g Deluxe WL-500g Deluxe admin / admin
ASUSWL-500gP v1 WL-500gP v1 admin / admin
ASUSWL-500gP v2 WL-500gP v2 admin / admin
ASUSWL-500W WL-500W admin / admin
ASUSWL-520g WL-520g admin / admin
ASUSWL-520gC WL-520gC admin / admin
ASUSWL-520gU WL-520gU admin / admin
ASUSWL-530g WL-530g admin / admin
ASUSWL-530gV2 WL-530gV2 admin / admin
ASUSWL-550gE WL-550gE admin / admin
ASUSWL-566gM WL-566gM admin / admin
ASUSWL-600g WL-600g admin / admin
ASUSWL-700gE WL-700gE admin / admin
ASUSWMVN25E2+ WMVN25E2+ admin / admin