Recovering Router User and Password

Recover router password

Everyone has forgotten their router's username and password at one time or another. Other people never learn their router's default login. If this sounds familiar, there's no need to despair.

Using the Router's Default Username and Password

Without a doubt, the easiest and most reliable solution. All routers come with either documentation or, most commonly, a label on the router itself with its default username and password clearly stated. These are generally located on the back or underside of the router itself.

Find the Default Username and Password

Having trouble locating the label or documentation with your router's default login information? If so use our drop-down menu below and look for your router. By searching for your router's serial or model number, you can find the default login through our database or via the manufacturer's website.

Perform a Factory Reset

Still stuck? No worries. If you've already changed your password or username and then forgotten it, you can easily reset the router instead. By taking the router back to its factory settings, the default login and password will be restored automatically. The reset button is usually very small and can be hard to find. You'll need a pin, pencil nib or another thin item to press it. Once found, hold it down for around 15 seconds, and your router will reset.

Forward Ports Without a Password

Alternatively, by using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), you can forward ports without knowing the password itself. Many routers will enable applications to open ports through the router. If you have a router that is UPnP-enabled, it will automatically open the required ports. To forward the ports of your choice, you can use UPnP PortMapper. Be aware, this is a more complicated solution than the others and may prove hard for beginners.