Router Brands Default IP Adresses - Login Admin IP Address

To access the admin page type into your web browser's address bar or click on the link below.


Detected IP Address

Local IP Address(es):

    Admin Router Login

    Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.


    Default logins for

    73 %
    IP Address:
    10 %
    IP Address:
    4 %
    IP Address:
    2 %
    IP Address:
    2 %
    IP Address:
    default Login Steps

    1. First, open your browser and type the IP address,

      If it leads to a blank screen, then you have to replace it with

      Do not use www.

    2. Second, the default username and password are usually 'username' and 'password.' It is done to ensure smooth first login. But some manufacturers like D-Link don’t do this. Refer to the user guide for your login details.

      Enter them and access your administrative console.

    3. Third, replace the default username and password with your custom ones. This step is essential for security purposes. Once you have access to the router's admin panel, you will be able to do what you want, and configure the advanced settings as you wish!


    • Make sure you properly connect the router to your computer or other devices via ethernet or WiFi

    • In case the connections are secure, reboot the devices connected to the router. Try unplugging the router and modem. Replug it after a few moments. Wait for 2 minutes before checking again.

    • Retry after disabling the firewall, if it is turned on.

    • If these steps don’t work, try factory resetting the router by pressing the reset button on the router.

    All You Need to Know about IP Address

    No matter which network you are accessing the internet from, you have an IP address. It’s the one that shows your location, and it is different for every device. 

    IP addresses form a unique address that enables data exchange between your device and the rest of the world via the internet. Every device connected online has one. It works similar to our unique postal address, email address, or telephone number that each of us uses to communicate with other people around the world.

    Popular with Linksys & Alcatel

    However, did you know that your router has a private IP address of its own? Many routers have an IP address of Major brands like LinkSys and Alcatel use routers that have it.

    If yours has one, you’re sure to see it when you are resetting your WiFi name, password, or just about any setting. 

    In a typical home network, the router has its own IP, too (router IP). A specific range of IP addresses has been reserved for private networks such as home networks, Local Area Networks (LAN), Wireless Area Networks (WAN) within an enterprise, and so on. You cannot assign these IP addresses to a publicly accessible website (internet sites). The ranges are:

    • to
    • to
    • to

    The IP address is made up of 4 sets of numbers. The first three sets constitute the “Network ID” while the fourth set is the “Device ID”. You separate these by dots or full stops. 

    For example, in, 192.168.1 is the network ID, and 254 is the device ID. So, if you have multiple devices connected to a home network, each will have the same first three sets and a different fourth set. These sets are given to the respective devices by the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) present in the router.

    Just like private addresses, there exist public addresses, too. All the devices that are connected to a network share a public address, which is visible to the external network. The router translates private address to a public address while communicating with an external network and converts public address to private when communicating back with the devices within its network. This process is called Network Address Translation (NAT). is a private IP address, and hence, you cannot access a device in this network from the internet. However, devices connected to the network can access each other seamlessly. Vs. 192.168.I.254

    What’s the Difference? 

    Now, you may wonder what the difference is between the two. A closer look though will tell you that instead of “1” in the second one, we used an “i”. Unfortunately, IP addresses are only made up of numbers. So, any alphabets that you include in it cannot be made sense of by the network.

    A simple misspelling could mean that you aren’t able to solve your issue. You don’t want that. 

    Other Manufacturers that Use IP Address

    Apart from famous router makers, you also have several other manufacturers using this IP address as the default one for their devices. These include the likes of AboCom, OvisLink, MSI, LoopComm, and CC&C. They use it as default IP address in their broadband routers and modems.

    Getting Connected

    • First, check whether the internet connection is working by directly connecting the ethernet/ISP cable to your laptop or computer.

    • Second, unbox the router and take out the user guide/manual along with the router. The manual should contain the username and password for the default IP address.

    • Third, connect the router to the power source and let it boot. It may take some time. A green light should blink when it is ready to be used.

    • Fourth, connect the ethernet/ broadband/ DSL modem/ ISP gateway cable to the router.

    Models using

    2 Wire
    2Wire2700HG-B 2700HG-B -
    2Wire2700HGV 2700HGV -
    2Wire2701HG-B 2701HG-B -
    2Wire3600HGV 3600HGV -
    2Wire3800HGV-B 3800HGV-B -
    2Wire3801HGV 3801HGV -
    2Wire5012NV 5012NV -

    Abo Com
    AboComAR7522 AR7522 -
    AboComARM904 ARM904 -
    AboComARM914 ARM914 admin / admin
    AboComWAP253 WAP253 -
    AboComWAP5508 WAP5508 -
    AboComWR254 WR254 -
    AboComWR254 E WR254 E -
    AboComWR404 WR404 -
    AboComWR5201 WR5201 admin / admin
    AboComWR5204 WR5204 admin / admin
    AboComWR5204U WR5204U admin / admin
    AboComWR5205 WR5205 -
    AboComWR5205G WR5205G -
    AboComWR5207 WR5207 admin / password
    AboComWR5208 WR5208 admin / admin
    AboComWR5210 WR5210 admin / admin
    AboComWR5501 WR5501 -
    AboComWR5502 WR5502 admin / admin
    AboComWR5503U WR5503U -
    AboComWR5506 WR5506 -
    AboComWR5507 WR5507 -
    AboComWR5510 WR5510 -
    AboComWR5560 WR5560 admin / password
    AboComWRN500 WRN500 -

    ActiontecC1000A (CenturyLink) C1000A (CenturyLink) -
    ActiontecC3000A C3000A -
    ActiontecF2250 F2250 -
    ActiontecF2300 F2300 admin / admin
    ActiontecGT701WG GT701WG -
    ActiontecGT704WG GT704WG admin / password
    ActiontecGT704WG Rev. B GT704WG Rev. B admin / password
    ActiontecGT704WGRV GT704WGRV -
    ActiontecGT724WGR GT724WGR -
    ActiontecGT784WN GT784WN -
    ActiontecGT784WNV GT784WNV -
    ActiontecM1000 (Qwest) M1000 (Qwest) -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev A MI424WR rev A -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev C MI424WR rev C -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev D MI424WR rev D -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev E MI424WR rev E -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev F MI424WR rev F -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev G MI424WR rev G -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev H MI424WR rev H -
    ActiontecMI424WR rev I MI424WR rev I -
    ActiontecPK5000 (Qwest) PK5000 (Qwest) -
    ActiontecPK5001A PK5001A -
    ActiontecQ1000 (Qwest) Q1000 (Qwest) -
    ActiontecR1524SU R1524SU -
    ActiontecR3000 R3000 -
    ActiontecR3010SUW R3010SUW -
    ActiontecT2200H T2200H -
    ActiontecV1000H (Telus) V1000H (Telus) admin / telus

    Allied Telesyn
    Allied TelesynAT-WA1104G AT-WA1104G -

    ArrisBGW210-700 BGW210-700 -
    ArrisDG3450 DG3450 admin / password
    ArrisDG860P2 DG860P2 admin / password
    ArrisDG950A DG950A admin / password
    ArrisMG2402G/CT MG2402G/CT -
    ArrisNVG448B NVG448B -
    ArrisNVG448BQ NVG448BQ -
    ArrisNVG589 NVG589 -
    ArrisNVG595 NVG595 -
    ArrisNVG599 NVG599 -
    ArrisRAC2V1A RAC2V1A -
    ArrisSBG10 SBG10 admin / password
    ArrisSBG6400 SBG6400 -
    ArrisSBG6700-AC SBG6700-AC admin / password
    ArrisSBG6900-AC SBG6900-AC admin / password
    ArrisSBG6950-AC2 SBG6950-AC2 -
    ArrisSBG7400-AC2 SBG7400-AC2 -
    ArrisSBG7580-AC SBG7580-AC -
    ArrisSBG8300 SBG8300 admin / password
    ArrisSBR-AC1750 SBR-AC1750 -
    ArrisSBR-AC1900P SBR-AC1900P admin / password
    ArrisSBR-AC3200P SBR-AC3200P admin / password
    ArrisSURFboard W31 SURFboard W31 -
    ArrisTG1672G TG1672G admin / password
    ArrisTG1682G TG1682G admin / password
    ArrisTG3442 TG3442 -
    ArrisTG3452 TG3452 -
    ArrisTG3462 TG3462 -
    ArrisTG3482ER TG3482ER -
    ArrisTG3482P2 TG3482P2 -
    ArrisTG862G TG862G -
    ArrisTG9442 TG9442 -
    ArrisTM522G TM522G -

    Bec Technologies
    BEC Technologies7300 GT 7300 GT admin / admin
    BEC TechnologiesBEC 8920NE BEC 8920NE admin / admin

    BillionBiPAC 5200G R4 BiPAC 5200G R4 admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 5200G RC BiPAC 5200G RC admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 5200N RC BiPAC 5200N RC admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 6200NXL BiPAC 6200NXL admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 6300VNOZ BiPAC 6300VNOZ admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 643 BiPAC 643 -
    BillionBiPAC 7300WX BiPAC 7300WX -
    BillionBiPAC 7401VGP R4 BiPAC 7401VGP R4 admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7402GL R4 BiPAC 7402GL R4 admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7402GX BiPAC 7402GX admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7404VGOX BiPAC 7404VGOX admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7600NX BiPAC 7600NX admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7800NEXL BiPAC 7800NEXL admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7800VDPX BiPAC 7800VDPX admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 7800VNOX BiPAC 7800VNOX admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 8200N BiPAC 8200N admin / admin
    BillionBiPAC 8700AX-1600 BiPAC 8700AX-1600 admin / admin
    BillionSG6200NXL SG6200NXL -

    BilliontonNRWN1 NRWN1 -

    BlitzzBWA611B BWA611B -
    BlitzzBWA711 v1 (??) BWA711 v1 (??) admin / admin
    BlitzzBWA711 v2 (??) BWA711 v2 (??) admin / admin

    BluetakeBW301 BW301 -
    BluetakeBW320 BW320 -

    BTBusiness Hub 3.0 Business Hub 3.0 -
    BTHome Hub 1.0 Home Hub 1.0 -
    BTHome Hub 1.5 Home Hub 1.5 -
    BTHome Hub 2.0A Home Hub 2.0A -
    BTHome Hub 2.0B Home Hub 2.0B -
    BTHome Hub 3.0A Home Hub 3.0A -
    BTHome Hub 3.0B Home Hub 3.0B -
    BTHome Hub 4A Home Hub 4A -
    BTHome Hub 5A Home Hub 5A -
    BTHome Hub 5B Home Hub 5B -
    BTSmart Hub Smart Hub -
    BTSmart Hub Type B Smart Hub Type B -
    BTWhole Home Wi-Fi Whole Home Wi-Fi -

    CC&CWA2204 WA2204 -
    CC&CWA2204A WA2204A -
    CC&CWA2204B WA2204B -
    CC&CWA-6202 WA-6202 -
    CC&CWA-6206 WA-6206 -
    CC&CWA-6210-V3 WA-6210-V3 -
    CC&CWA-6212 WA-6212 -
    CC&CWA-7200 WA-7200 -
    CC&CWA9555 WA9555 -
    CC&CWL-1502 WL-1502 -

    CerioDT-200N DT-200N admin / default

    Cisco881-W 881-W Cisco / Cisco
    CiscoCVR100W CVR100W cisco / cisco
    CiscoDDR2200-CL DDR2200-CL admin / 1PTV-ADM1N
    CiscoDPC3825 DPC3825 -
    CiscoDPC3829AD DPC3829AD -
    CiscoDPC3848 DPC3848 -
    CiscoDPC3929CAD DPC3929CAD -
    CiscoDPC3929CMAD DPC3929CMAD -
    CiscoDPC3939 DPC3939 admin / password
    CiscoDPC3940CMAD DPC3940CMAD -
    CiscoDPC3941 DPC3941 admin / password
    CiscoEdge 300 (CS-E300-AP-K9) Edge 300 (CS-E300-AP-K9) -
    CiscoMeraki MX64W Meraki MX64W -
    CiscoNAV10V2-WF NAV10V2-WF -
    CiscoRAN201 RAN201 admin / admin
    CiscoRV120W RV120W cisco / cisco
    CiscoRV180W RV180W -
    CiscoRV215W RV215W cisco / cisco
    CiscoRV220W RV220W cisco / cisco
    CiscoRV315W RV315W cisco / cisco
    CiscoRV340W RV340W cisco / cisco
    CiscoValet M10 v1 Valet M10 v1 -
    CiscoValet M10 v2 Valet M10 v2 -
    CiscoValet Plus M20 Valet Plus M20 admin / admin

    D Link
    D-LinkCOVR-2200 rev A1 COVR-2200 rev A1 -
    D-LinkCOVR-2600R COVR-2600R -
    D-LinkCOVR-C1200 rev A1 COVR-C1200 rev A1 -
    D-LinkCOVR-P2500 rev A1 COVR-P2500 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDAP-1350 rev A1 DAP-1350 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDAP-1350 rev B1 DAP-1350 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDCM-604 rev A1 DCM-604 rev A1 admin / password
    D-LinkDGL-4300 rev A1 DGL-4300 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDGL-4300 rev A2 DGL-4300 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDGL-4500 rev A1 DGL-4500 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDGL-4500 rev A2 DGL-4500 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDGL-5500 rev A1 DGL-5500 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDHP-1320 rev A1 DHP-1320 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDHP-1565 rev A1 DHP-1565 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-514 rev B1 DI-514 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDI-514 rev C1 DI-514 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev A1 DI-524 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev A2 DI-524 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev B2 DI-524 rev B2 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev B4 DI-524 rev B4 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev C1 DI-524 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev D1 DI-524 rev D1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev E1 DI-524 rev E1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev G1 DI-524 rev G1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev G2 DI-524 rev G2 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev H1 DI-524 rev H1 -
    D-LinkDI-524 rev I1 DI-524 rev I1 -
    D-LinkDI-524SU rev E8 DI-524SU rev E8 -
    D-LinkDI-524UP DI-524UP -
    D-LinkDI-604UP DI-604UP -
    D-LinkDI-614+ rev A1 / A2 DI-614+ rev A1 / A2 -
    D-LinkDI-614+ rev B1 DI-614+ rev B1 -
    D-LinkDI-614+ rev B2 DI-614+ rev B2 -
    D-LinkDI-624+ DI-624+ -
    D-LinkDI-624M DI-624M -
    D-LinkDI-624 rev A1 DI-624 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-624+ rev A1 DI-624+ rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-624 rev B1 DI-624 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDI-624+ rev B2 DI-624+ rev B2 -
    D-LinkDI-624 rev C1 DI-624 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDI-624 rev C2/C3 DI-624 rev C2/C3 -
    D-LinkDI-624 rev D2 DI-624 rev D2 -
    D-LinkDI-624 rev E1 DI-624 rev E1 -
    D-LinkDI-624S rev A1 DI-624S rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-624S rev B1 DI-624S rev B1 -
    D-LinkDI-634M rev B1 DI-634M rev B1 -
    D-LinkDI-707P rev C1 DI-707P rev C1 -
    D-LinkDI-711 DI-711 -
    D-LinkDI-713 DI-713 -
    D-LinkDI-713P rev A1 DI-713P rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-713P rev E1 DI-713P rev E1 -
    D-LinkDI-714P+ rev B1 DI-714P+ rev B1 -
    D-LinkDI-714 rev A1 DI-714 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-724U rev A1 DI-724U rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-725EV rev A1 DI-725EV rev A1 -
    D-LinkDI-754 DI-754 -
    D-LinkDI-764 DI-764 -
    D-LinkDI-774 rev A2 DI-774 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDI-784 DI-784 -
    D-LinkDI-824VUP rev A DI-824VUP rev A -
    D-LinkDI-824VUP rev B1 DI-824VUP rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-1360 rev A1 DIR-1360 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-1760 rev A1 DIR-1760 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-1960 rev A1 DIR-1960 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-2660 rev A1 DIR-2660 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-2680 DIR-2680 -
    D-LinkDIR-280 DIR-280 -
    D-LinkDIR-300/NRU rev B7 DIR-300/NRU rev B7 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-300 rev A1 DIR-300 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-300 rev B1 DIR-300 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-300 rev C1 DIR-300 rev C1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-300 rev D1 DIR-300 rev D1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-300S rev A1 DIR-300S rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-301 DIR-301 -
    D-LinkDIR-3060 rev A1 DIR-3060 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-320 NRU B1 DIR-320 NRU B1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-320 rev A1 DIR-320 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-320 rev A2 DIR-320 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-320 rev D1 DIR-320 rev D1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-330 DIR-330 -
    D-LinkDIR-400 A1 DIR-400 A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-410 DIR-410 -
    D-LinkDIR-412 rev A1 DIR-412 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-412 rev B1 DIR-412 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-430 rev A1 DIR-430 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-450 rev A1 DIR-450 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-455 rev A1 DIR-455 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-455U DIR-455U -
    D-LinkDIR-456 rev A1 DIR-456 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-456U DIR-456U admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-501 rev A1 DIR-501 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-505 rev A1 DIR-505 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-506L rev A1 DIR-506L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-508L rev A1 DIR-508L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-510L rev A1 DIR-510L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-513 rev A2 DIR-513 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-514 rev A1 DIR-514 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-515 rev A1 DIR-515 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-516 rev A1 DIR-516 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-518L rev A1 DIR-518L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-524 rev A1 DIR-524 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-524 rev B1 DIR-524 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-600L rev A1 DIR-600L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-600L rev B1 DIR-600L rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev A1 DIR-600 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev B1 DIR-600 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev B1/B2 DIR-600 rev B1/B2 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev B5 DIR-600 rev B5 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev C1 DIR-600 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev C2 DIR-600 rev C2 -
    D-LinkDIR-600 rev D1 DIR-600 rev D1 -
    D-LinkDIR-601L rev A1 DIR-601L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-601 rev A1 DIR-601 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-601 rev B1 DIR-601 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-602L rev A1 DIR-602L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-602 rev A1 DIR-602 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-603 DIR-603 -
    D-LinkDIR-604 rev A1 DIR-604 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-605L rev A1 DIR-605L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-605L rev B1 DIR-605L rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-605L rev B2 DIR-605L rev B2 -
    D-LinkDIR-605 rev A2 DIR-605 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-605 rev B1 DIR-605 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-605 rev D1 DIR-605 rev D1 -
    D-LinkDIR-610N+ rev A1 DIR-610N+ rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-610 rev A1 DIR-610 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-614 rev A1 DIR-614 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-614 rev B1 DIR-614 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev A1 DIR-615 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev B2 DIR-615 rev B2 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev C1 DIR-615 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev D DIR-615 rev D -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev E1 DIR-615 rev E1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev E3 / E4 DIR-615 rev E3 / E4 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev E5 DIR-615 rev E5 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev F3 DIR-615 rev F3 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev G1 DIR-615 rev G1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev H1 DIR-615 rev H1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev I1 DIR-615 rev I1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev I3 DIR-615 rev I3 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev K1 DIR-615 rev K1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev K2 DIR-615 rev K2 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev M1 DIR-615 rev M1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev N1 DIR-615 rev N1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev Q2 DIR-615 rev Q2 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev R1 DIR-615 rev R1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev S1 DIR-615 rev S1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev T1 DIR-615 rev T1 -
    D-LinkDIR-615 rev T3 DIR-615 rev T3 -
    D-LinkDIR-615S rev A1 DIR-615S rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-618 rev A1 DIR-618 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-618 rev B1 DIR-618 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-619L rev A1 DIR-619L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-619L rev B1 DIR-619L rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-619 rev A1 DIR-619 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev A1 DIR-620 rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev A1A DIR-620 rev A1A admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev B1 DIR-620 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev C1 DIR-620 rev C1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev D1 DIR-620 rev D1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev E1 DIR-620 rev E1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev F1 DIR-620 rev F1 -
    D-LinkDIR-620 rev G1 DIR-620 rev G1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-625 rev A1 DIR-625 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-625 rev A2 DIR-625 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-625 rev C1 DIR-625 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDIR-625 rev C2 DIR-625 rev C2 -
    D-LinkDIR-626L rev A1 DIR-626L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-627 DIR-627 -
    D-LinkDIR-628 rev A1 DIR-628 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-628 rev A2 DIR-628 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-632 DIR-632 -
    D-LinkDIR-635 rev A1 DIR-635 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-635 rev B1 DIR-635 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-635 rev B3 DIR-635 rev B3 -
    D-LinkDIR-636L rev A1 DIR-636L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-640L DIR-640L -
    D-LinkDIR-645L rev A1 DIR-645L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-645 rev A1 DIR-645 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-651 rev Ax DIR-651 rev Ax -
    D-LinkDIR-652 rev A1 DIR-652 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-652 rev B1 DIR-652 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-653 rev A1 DIR-653 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-655 rev A1/A2 DIR-655 rev A1/A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-655 rev A3 DIR-655 rev A3 -
    D-LinkDIR-655 rev A4 DIR-655 rev A4 -
    D-LinkDIR-655 rev B1 DIR-655 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-655 rev C1 DIR-655 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDIR-657 DIR-657 -
    D-LinkDIR-660 DIR-660 -
    D-LinkDIR-665 rev A1 DIR-665 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-685 DIR-685 -
    D-LinkDIR-802 rev A1 DIR-802 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-803 rev A1 DIR-803 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-803 rev B1 DIR-803 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-806A rev A1 DIR-806A rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-808L rev A1 DIR-808L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-809 rev A1 DIR-809 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-809 rev A2 DIR-809 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-810L rev A1 DIR-810L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-810L rev B1 DIR-810L rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-815 rev A1 DIR-815 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-815 rev B1 DIR-815 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-815 rev C1 DIR-815 rev C1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-815 rev D1 DIR-815 rev D1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-816L rev A1 DIR-816L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-816 rev A1 DIR-816 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-818L rev A1 DIR-818L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-819 rev A1 DIR-819 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-820L rev A1 DIR-820L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-820L rev B1 DIR-820L rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-822 rev A1 DIR-822 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-822 rev D1 DIR-822 rev D1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-825 rev A1 DIR-825 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-825 rev B1 DIR-825 rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-825 rev C1 DIR-825 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDIR-825 rev D1 DIR-825 rev D1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-825 rev E1 DIR-825 rev E1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDIR-825 rev G1 DIR-825 rev G1 -
    D-LinkDIR-826L rev A1 DIR-826L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-827 DIR-827 -
    D-LinkDIR-835 rev A1 DIR-835 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-836L rev A1 DIR-836L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-840L DIR-840L -
    D-LinkDIR-842 rev A1 DIR-842 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-842 rev C1 DIR-842 rev C1 -
    D-LinkDIR-843 rev A1 DIR-843 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-845L rev A1 DIR-845L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-850L rev A1 DIR-850L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-853 rev A1 DIR-853 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-855L rev A1 DIR-855L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-855 rev A1 DIR-855 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-855 rev A2 DIR-855 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDIR-857 DIR-857 -
    D-LinkDIR-859 rev A1 DIR-859 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-860L rev A1 DIR-860L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-860L rev B1 DIR-860L rev B1 -
    D-LinkDIR-862L rev A1 DIR-862L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-863 rev A1 DIR-863 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-865L DIR-865L -
    D-LinkDIR-867 rev A1 DIR-867 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-868L rev A1 DIR-868L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-869 DIR-869 -
    D-LinkDIR-878 rev A1 DIR-878 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-879 DIR-879 -
    D-LinkDIR-880L rev A1 DIR-880L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-882 rev A1 DIR-882 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-883 rev A1 DIR-883 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-885L rev A1 DIR-885L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-890L rev A1 DIR-890L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-895L rev A1 DIR-895L rev A1 -
    D-LinkDIR-X6060 DIR-X6060 -
    D-LinkDIR-X9000 DIR-X9000 -
    D-LinkDP-311P DP-311P -
    D-LinkDP-311U DP-311U -
    D-LinkDPR-1040 DPR-1040 -
    D-LinkDPR-1260 rev A2 DPR-1260 rev A2 -
    D-LinkDSL-2600B DSL-2600B -
    D-LinkDSL-2600U DSL-2600U admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2640B rev B2 DSL-2640B rev B2 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2640B rev B3 DSL-2640B rev B3 -
    D-LinkDSL-2640B rev C4 DSL-2640B rev C4 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2640B rev T1 DSL-2640B rev T1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2640R rev A1 DSL-2640R rev A1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2640R rev B1 DSL-2640R rev B1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2640S DSL-2640S -
    D-LinkDSL-2640T DSL-2640T -
    D-LinkDSL-2640U rev B2 DSL-2640U rev B2 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2640U rev C1 DSL-2640U rev C1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2640U rev C2 DSL-2640U rev C2 -
    D-LinkDSL-2640U rev C4 DSL-2640U rev C4 -
    D-LinkDSL-2642B DSL-2642B -
    D-LinkDSL-2650U rev D2 DSL-2650U rev D2 -
    D-LinkDSL-2680 rev A1 DSL-2680 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2730B rev T1 DSL-2730B rev T1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2730E rev T1 DSL-2730E rev T1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2740B rev F1 DSL-2740B rev F1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2740E rev V1 DSL-2740E rev V1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2740R DSL-2740R admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2741B rev C2 DSL-2741B rev C2 -
    D-LinkDSL-2750B rev T1 DSL-2750B rev T1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2750E DSL-2750E -
    D-LinkDSL-2750U rev C1 DSL-2750U rev C1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-2750U rev U1 DSL-2750U rev U1 -
    D-LinkDSL-2760U DSL-2760U -
    D-LinkDSL-2890AL rev A1 DSL-2890AL rev A1 -
    D-LinkDSL-3782 DSL-3782 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-6740B rev C2 DSL-6740B rev C2 -
    D-LinkDSL-6740U-G1 DSL-6740U-G1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-G604T DSL-G604T admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-G620B DSL-G620B -
    D-LinkDSL-G624M DSL-G624M admin / admin
    D-LinkDSL-G624T rev A1 DSL-G624T rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSR-1000AC rev A1 DSR-1000AC rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSR-1000N rev A1 DSR-1000N rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSR-150N DSR-150N admin / admin
    D-LinkDSR-150N A2 DSR-150N A2 admin / admin
    D-LinkDSR-250N DSR-250N admin / admin
    D-LinkDSR-500N DSR-500N -
    D-LinkDVA-G3342SD DVA-G3342SD admin / admin
    D-LinkDVA-G3672B DVA-G3672B admin / admin
    D-LinkDVA-G3810BN/TL DVA-G3810BN/TL admin / telus
    D-LinkDVG-G5402SP DVG-G5402SP -
    D-LinkDVG-N5402SP DVG-N5402SP admin / password
    D-LinkDWR-113 DWR-113 -
    D-LinkDWR-116 rev A1 DWR-116 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDWR-117 DWR-117 -
    D-LinkDWR-118 rev A1 DWR-118 rev A1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDWR-118 rev A2 DWR-118 rev A2 admin / admin
    D-LinkDWR-118 rev B1 DWR-118 rev B1 admin / admin
    D-LinkDWR-131 rev A1 DWR-131 rev A1 -
    D-LinkDWR-2010 DWR-2010 -
    D-LinkDWR-512 DWR-512 -
    D-LinkDWR-555 DWR-555 -
    D-LinkDWR-755 rev A1 DWR-755 rev A1 -
    D-LinkTM-G5240 TM-G5240 -
    D-LinkVWR-VR rev B1 VWR-VR rev B1 user / user
    D-LinkWBR-1310 rev A1 WBR-1310 rev A1 -
    D-LinkWBR-1310 rev B1 WBR-1310 rev B1 -
    D-LinkWBR-2310 rev A1 WBR-2310 rev A1 -
    D-LinkWBR-2310 rev B1 WBR-2310 rev B1 -

    EDUPEP-2655 EP-2655 -
    EDUPEP-9501N EP-9501N admin / admin
    EDUPWAR-54M-01 WAR-54M-01 admin / admin

    E Top
    E-TOP3R161N 3R161N -
    E-TOPBR080n BR080n -
    E-TOPBR081n BR081n -
    E-TOPBR130g BR130g -
    E-TOPBR182n BR182n -
    E-TOPBR186n BR186n -
    E-TOPBR280n BR280n -
    E-TOPBR330g BR330g -
    E-TOPBR480n BR480n -
    E-TOPBR481n BR481n -
    E-TOPBR485d BR485d -
    E-TOPBR486n BR486n -
    E-TOPDR368n DR368n -
    E-TOPGR290n GR290n -
    E-TOPGS293d GS293d -
    E-TOPMR122g MR122g -
    E-TOPNR620g NR620g admin / admin
    E-TOPNR620m NR620m admin / admin
    E-TOPPR626g PR626g -

    FiberlogicMatrix 21 Matrix 21 -

    Fujitsu Siemens
    Fujitsu SiemensAP-600RP-USB AP-600RP-USB -

    GigabyteGN-B41G GN-B41G admin / admin
    GigabyteGN-B46B GN-B46B -
    GigabyteGN-B49G GN-B49G admin / admin
    GigabyteGN-BC01 GN-BC01 -
    GigabyteGN-BR01G GN-BR01G admin / admin
    GigabyteGN-BR33V-RH GN-BR33V-RH admin / admin
    GigabyteGN-BR402W GN-BR402W admin / admin
    GigabyteGN-BR404W GN-BR404W admin / admin

    Giga Fast
    GigaFastWE711-APR WE711-APR -
    GigaFastWF719-CAPR WF719-CAPR -

    HawkingHAW2R1 HAW2R1 admin / 1234
    HawkingHD45R HD45R admin / 1234
    HawkingHWR54G HWR54G -
    HawkingHWR54G rev M HWR54G rev M -
    HawkingHWR54G rev R HWR54G rev R -

    Intellinet300N Wireless Dual-Band Router 300N Wireless Dual-Band Router admin / 1234
    Intellinet300N Wireless LAN Broadband Router (unk. model) 300N Wireless LAN Broadband Router (unk. model) -
    Intellinet450N (524988) 450N (524988) admin / 1234
    Intellinet523875 523875 -
    Intellinet524445 rev 1 524445 rev 1 -
    Intellinet524490 Wireless 300N 4-Port Router 524490 Wireless 300N 4-Port Router admin / 1234
    Intellinet524780 524780 admin / 1234

    LoopcommLP-8186 LP-8186 -
    LoopcommLP-8186C LP-8186C -
    LoopcommLP-8616 LP-8616 -
    LoopcommLP-8616C LP-8616C -
    LoopcommLP-8696C LP-8696C -
    LoopcommLP-9096TR LP-9096TR -
    LoopcommLP-9186 LP-9186 -

    Motorola2247-62 (2247-62-100T) 2247-62 (2247-62-100T) -
    Motorola2247-N8 2247-N8 -
    MotorolaMG7310 MG7310 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMG7315 MG7315 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMG7540 MG7540 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMG7550 MG7550 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMG7700 MG7700 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMR1700 MR1700 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMR2600 MR2600 admin / motorola
    MotorolaMT7711 MT7711 admin / motorola
    MotorolaNetopia 3347-02-100Q (Qwest) Netopia 3347-02-100Q (Qwest) -
    MotorolaNVG510 NVG510 -
    MotorolaSURFboard SBG1000 SURFboard SBG1000 admin / motorola
    MotorolaSURFboard SBG6580 SURFboard SBG6580 admin / motorola
    MotorolaSURFboard SBG6580-G228 SURFboard SBG6580-G228 admin / motorola
    MotorolaSURFboard SBG6782-AC SURFboard SBG6782-AC admin / Motorola
    MotorolaSURFboard SBG901 SURFboard SBG901 -
    MotorolaSURFboard SBG940 SURFboard SBG940 admin / motorola
    MotorolaSURFboard SVG1501 SURFboard SVG1501 -
    MotorolaSURFboard SVG7782U SURFboard SVG7782U admin / Motorola
    MotorolaWPS870G WPS870G -
    MotorolaWR850GP WR850GP admin / motorola
    MotorolaWR850G v1 WR850G v1 -
    MotorolaWR850G v2 WR850G v2 admin / motorola
    MotorolaWR850G v3 WR850G v3 admin / motorola

    MSIRG11B (MS-6811) RG11B (MS-6811) admin / admin
    MSIRG310EX RG310EX -
    MSIRG54G2 (MS-6848) RG54G2 (MS-6848) -
    MSIRG54G3 RG54G3 -
    MSIRG54G (MS-6824) RG54G (MS-6824) admin / admin
    MSIRG54GS2 RG54GS2 -
    MSIRG54GS (MS-6822) RG54GS (MS-6822) -
    MSIRG54SE RG54SE admin / admin
    MSIRG54SE II RG54SE II admin / admin
    MSIRG60G RG60G admin / admin
    MSIRG60SE RG60SE admin / admin
    MSIRG70A RG70A -
    MSIRG70SE RG70SE admin / 1234

    Netopia2247NWG 2247NWG -
    Netopia3347NWG 3347NWG -
    Netopia3347WG 3347WG -
    NetopiaCayman 3347W Cayman 3347W admin / admin
    NetopiaCayman 3387W Cayman 3387W -

    NetronixW141A W141A admin / admin
    NetronixW242D W242D admin / admin
    NetronixW440A W440A admin / admin
    NetronixW441A W441A admin / admin
    NetronixW443D W443D admin / admin
    NetronixWB-460 WB-460 admin / admin

    NokiaA-020W-A A-020W-A -
    NokiaE-140W-P E-140W-P -
    NokiaG-140W-C G-140W-C -
    NokiaG-240W-E G-240W-E -
    NokiaG-240W-F G-240W-F -
    NokiaHA-030W-B HA-030W-B -

    Ovis Link
    OvisLinkAirLive G.DUO AirLive G.DUO -
    OvisLinkAirLive GW-300NAS AirLive GW-300NAS -
    OvisLinkAirLive N450R AirLive N450R admin / airlive
    OvisLinkAirLive N.MINI AirLive N.MINI admin / airlive
    OvisLinkAirLive N.Plug AirLive N.Plug admin / airlive
    OvisLinkAirLive N.Power AirLive N.Power admin / airlive
    OvisLinkAirLive WL-5470AP AirLive WL-5470AP -
    OvisLinkAirLive WL-5470POE AirLive WL-5470POE -
    OvisLinkAirLive WMU-6500FS AirLive WMU-6500FS -
    OvisLinkAirLive WMU-9000VPN AirLive WMU-9000VPN -
    OvisLinkAirLive WN-200R AirLive WN-200R admin / airlive
    OvisLinkAirLive WN-220ARM AirLive WN-220ARM admin / airlive
    OvisLinkAirLive WT-2000R AirLive WT-2000R -
    OvisLinkEvo-W311AR Evo-W311AR admin / admin

    Pace4111N 4111N -
    Pace5168NV 5168NV -
    Pace5268AC 5268AC -
    PaceA5520N A5520N -

    Pix Link
    PIX-LINKLV-WR02 v1 LV-WR02 v1 admin / admin
    PIX-LINKLV-WR09 v1 LV-WR09 v1 admin / admin

    Pro Li Nk
    PROLiNKWGR1004 WGR1004 -
    PROLiNKWNR1008 WNR1008 admin / password

    ProwarePW-3G401D PW-3G401D admin / admin
    ProwarePW-3G401M PW-3G401M admin / admin
    ProwarePW-RN401D v2 PW-RN401D v2 admin / admin
    ProwarePW-RN401D v3 PW-RN401D v3 admin / admin
    ProwarePW-RN401M PW-RN401M admin / admin
    ProwarePW-RN501D v3 PW-RN501D v3 admin / admin
    ProwarePW-RN501D v4 PW-RN501D v4 admin / admin

    Quick Eagle Networks
    Quick Eagle NetworksDL700 DL700 admin / admin

    RealtekRTL8197D-11AC Reference Design RTL8197D-11AC Reference Design -

    RosewillL600N L600N admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-EasyN4 RNX-EasyN4 admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-EasyN400 RNX-EasyN400 admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-G40 RNX-G40 user / user
    RosewillRNX-GX4 RNX-GX4 admin / guest
    RosewillRNX-N150RT v1 RNX-N150RT v1 admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-N150RT v2 RNX-N150RT v2 admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-N300RT RNX-N300RT admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-N360RT RNX-N360RT admin / admin
    RosewillRNX-N4 RNX-N4 -
    RosewillRNX-N400LX RNX-N400LX admin / guest
    RosewillRNX-N4PS RNX-N4PS admin / admin
    RosewillT600N T600N admin / admin
    RosewillT900N-X T900N-X admin / admin

    SenaoSL-2511AP1 PLUS SL-2511AP1 PLUS -
    SenaoSL-2511SR SL-2511SR -
    SenaoWBR2100AFN WBR2100AFN admin / admin
    SenaoWBR4200AGN WBR4200AGN admin / admin
    SenaoWBR5200MGN WBR5200MGN admin / admin
    SenaoWSR-3018 WSR-3018 -
    SenaoWSR-3800 WSR-3800 -

    SitecomGreyhound v1 Greyhound v1 -
    SitecomWL-106 WL-106 -
    SitecomWL-111 WL-111 -
    SitecomWL-122 WL-122 sitecom / sitecom
    SitecomWL-183 WL-183 admin / admin
    SitecomWL-304 WL-304 admin / admin
    SitecomWL-306 WL-306 admin / admin
    SitecomWL-308 WL-308 admin / admin
    SitecomWL-309 WL-309 admin / admin
    SitecomWL-351 v1 002 WL-351 v1 002 admin / admin
    SitecomWLR-6000 WLR-6000 -
    SitecomWLR-6100 WLR-6100 -
    SitecomWLR-7100 WLR-7100 -
    SitecomWLR-8100 WLR-8100 -
    SitecomWLR-8200 WLR-8200 -
    SitecomWLR-9000 WLR-9000 -
    SitecomWLR-9500 WLR-9500 -

    SoyoAWRO3101 AWRO3101 -

    technicolorC1100T (CenturyLink) C1100T (CenturyLink) -
    technicolorCGA0101 CGA0101 admin / password
    technicolorCGA0101v2 CGA0101v2 -
    technicolorCGA0112 CGA0112 admin / password
    technicolorCGA2121 CGA2121 -
    technicolorCGA4131 CGA4131 -
    technicolorCGM4140COM CGM4140COM -
    technicolorCGM4231 CGM4231 -
    technicolorDWA1230 DWA1230 -
    technicolorTC7200 (Thomson) TC7200 (Thomson) admin / admin
    technicolorTC8305C TC8305C admin / password
    technicolorTC8706C (Comcast) TC8706C (Comcast) -
    technicolorTC8715D TC8715D -
    technicolorTC8717C TC8717C -
    technicolorTC8717T TC8717T -
    technicolorTD5130v1 TD5130v1 -
    technicolorTD5136 v2 TD5136 v2 -
    technicolorTD5137 TD5137 admin / admin
    technicolorTG589vac v2 HP TG589vac v2 HP -
    technicolorTG788vn v2 TG788vn v2 -
    technicolor(Thomson) TG703 (Thomson) TG703 -

    TecomAW4042U-G AW4042U-G admin / admin
    TecomAW4042U-N AW4042U-N admin / admin
    TecomAW4061 AW4061 admin / system
    TecomGR2512 GR2512 admin / admin
    TecomGW5051 GW5051 admin / admin
    TecomGW6000 GW6000 admin / admin
    TecomGW6200 GW6200 -
    TecomIG6600 IG6600 admin1234 / 123456
    TecomWB1000 WB1000 admin / admin
    TecomWL5041 WL5041 -

    ThomsonDWG875T DWG875T -
    ThomsonSpeedTouch 585 (ST585) v6 SpeedTouch 585 (ST585) v6 -
    ThomsonSpeedTouch 716v5 SpeedTouch 716v5 -
    ThomsonSpeedTouch 780 WL SpeedTouch 780 WL -
    ThomsonTG585v7 TG585v7 -
    ThomsonTG585v8 TG585v8 -
    ThomsonTG787 TG787 admin / admin
    ThomsonTWG850-4U TWG850-4U -
    ThomsonTWG870 TWG870 -

    Twin Mos
    TwinMOS73-TMRB4-001 73-TMRB4-001 -

    Vi Kosmo
    ViKosmoVK-100RTg VK-100RTg -

    Westell7500 (A90-750015-07) 7500 (A90-750015-07) -
    Westell7501 (A90-750115-07) 7501 (A90-750115-07) admin / password
    WestellA90-9100EM15-10 A90-9100EM15-10 -
    WestellA90-9150V60-10 A90-9150V60-10 -
    WestellD90-327W15-06 D90-327W15-06 -
    WestellD90-327W30-06 D90-327W30-06 -
    WestellVersaLink 7550 (B90-755025-15) VersaLink 7550 (B90-755025-15) -
    WestellWireSpeed 2410 WireSpeed 2410 -

    X Micro
    X-MicroXWL-11bRRG XWL-11bRRG -
    X-MicroXWL-11GRAG XWL-11GRAG admin / admin
    X-MicroXWL-11GRAR XWL-11GRAR admin / admin
    X-MicroXWL-11GRIX XWL-11GRIX admin / 1234

    XterasysXR-1405b XR-1405b -