Router Brands Default IP Adresses

Edimax - Gemini RG21S Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default login:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 1234
  • IP Address:
  • SSID:
Common Logins for Gemini RG21S
  • Username / Password
  • admin/1234 98 %
  • admin/admin 2 %

Common IP addresses for Gemini RG21S

Edimax3G-6200n 3G-6200n admin/1234
Edimax3G-6200nL 3G-6200nL admin/1234
Edimax3G-6238Gn 3G-6238Gn admin/1234
EdimaxAR-7064Mg+ AR-7064Mg+ -
EdimaxAR-7084gA/B AR-7084gA/B admin/1234
EdimaxAR-7166WnA AR-7166WnA admin/admin
EdimaxAR-7266WnA AR-7266WnA admin/1234
EdimaxAR-7267WnA AR-7267WnA admin/1234
EdimaxAR-7284WnA AR-7284WnA admin/1234
EdimaxAR7167WnA AR7167WnA admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v1 BR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v1 admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v2 BR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v2 admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v4 BR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v4 admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6208AC BR-6208AC admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6208AC v2 BR-6208AC v2 admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6215SRg BR-6215SRg admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6226n BR-6226n admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6228ENS BR-6228ENS admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6228GNS BR-6228GNS admin/1234
EdimaxBR-6228nS BR-6228nS admin/1234


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