Router Brands Default IP Adresses

Huawei - HG532d Router Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default login:

  • Username: user
  • Password: user
  • IP Address:
Common Logins for HG532d
  • Username / Password
  • Admin/admin 5 %
  • admin/admin 67 %
  • admin/superonline / vdf.0542 5 %
  • user/user 14 %
  • vodafone/admin/vodafone/admin1234 10 %

Common IP addresses for HG532d

HuaweiD100 D100 Admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG520 EchoLife HG520 -
HuaweiEchoLife HG520s EchoLife HG520s admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG532 EchoLife HG532 admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG552a EchoLife HG552a admin/admin
HuaweiEchoLife HG655b EchoLife HG655b admin/admin
HuaweieSpace EGW1500E eSpace EGW1500E -
HuaweieSpace EGW1520 eSpace EGW1520 -
HuaweiHG232f HG232f admin/admin
HuaweiHG253s v2 HG253s v2 -
HuaweiHG255s HG255s admin/superonline / vdf.0542
HuaweiHG256s HG256s admin/admin
HuaweiHG530 HG530 admin/admin
HuaweiHG531 v1 HG531 v1 user/user
HuaweiHG532d HG532d user/user
HuaweiHG532e HG532e user/user
HuaweiHG532s HG532s admin/admin
HuaweiHG533 HG533 admin/admin
HuaweiHG658 HG658 vodafone/admin/vodafone/admin1234
HuaweiHHG2500 HHG2500 vodafone/admin/vodafone/admin1234


Data from WikiDevi was used to aggregate information about different router models.