Kids' Coding Activities Guide

The most fun way to learn how to program is with games and puzzles.

We use computers and phones every day, but what really goes on behind the screen? It's really quite simple: Our phones, computers, and the whole Internet are filled with programming. If you learn to program, too, you can create websites, programs, and games yourself! Programming is not only a fun and rewarding career path but a great way to learn about logic and what goes on inside your devices. It can shape your brain and allow you to think your way through problems more easily. Of course, the most fun way to learn how to program is with games and puzzles.

There are countless opportunities to learn on the Internet, so take advantage of them and increase your knowledge! Whether you're a young kid just getting started, a teen who already has a bit of experience, or an advanced learner looking for new challenges, there's a game on the Internet just for you.

coding and computers activities for kids


Move LightBot so he lights up all of the blue squares in this fun logic game.

Blockly: Maze

This simple game will teach you how to use Blockly, a drag-and-drop programming tool that can help you understand the basics of how computer code works.


Scratch is a completely free-rein programming tool. You can create an interactive story, make an animal dance, or collaborate with your friends and others online.

Blockly: Turtle

Hungry for more Blockly? Guide the turtle in this game to draw interesting shapes using logic and this simple programming method.

Codemoji Animation-Builder

Choose your character, then use the power of programming to make them do a fun dance!

Code Monster

Code Monster is a bit more advanced and will teach you a real programming language, JavaScript. If you're ready to seriously learn to code, this is a great starting point.

Train With the Amazons

Take on this coding challenge to help Wonder Woman get ready for battle!

Code Combat

Explore a fantastical world, defeat enemies, and earn trophies while learning all about how to code.

Khan Academy: What Is Programming?

Start here to dig into the world of computer programming and learn how to create code in JavaScript.


Ready to start making your own app? Use Glitch, an easy, helpful framework for more advanced learners.