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Internet Slang Glossary

Texting, instant messaging, and emailing on the Internet have had a big impact on how people communicate.

Shortened phrases and words and widespread use of acronyms have become very common as people have found ways to type text quickly without having to enter long words and phrases. Internet slang has also become firmly embedded in the way people communicate, even if you're not using a router to get your message across. Slang and acronyms also help people express emotion via written text, which can be hard when you can't see someone's face or hear their voice. Learning popular Internet slang can help anyone communicate more quickly and efficiently online.

internet slang cheat sheet
ABT2: About to ACC: Anyone can come ADAD: Another day, another dollar AOTA: All of the above ASAP: As soon as possible ATM: At the moment AYSOS: Are you stupid or something? B4N: Bye for now BAG: Bust a gut BAM: Below-average mentality BFF: Best friends forever BN: Bad news BRB: Be right back CD9: Code 9 (parents around) CM: Call me CT: Can't talk CYA: See you DC: Disconnect Derp: Stupid or silly DIKU: Do I know you d00d: Dude DR: Didn't read FTW: For the win FYI: For your information EI: Eat it Embar: Embarrassing ES: Erase screen FBM: Fine by me G2G: Got to go G9: Genius GA: Go ahead GAL: Get a life HBU: How about you HHIS: Head hanging in shame HML: Hate my life HTH: Hope this helps IC: I see ICBW: It could be worse IDBI: I don't believe it IDK: I don't know Ight: Alright IGN: I've got nothing IKR: I know, right? ILY: I love you IMO: In my opinion IRL: In real life Jelly: Jealous JJA: Just joking around JK: Just kidding KISS: Keep it simple, stupid KK: OK, OK KOC: Kiss on cheek L8R: Later LMK: Let me know LOL: Laugh out loud MIRL: Meet in real life MOS: Mother over shoulder NBD: No big deal NE1: Anyone NM: Never mind NP: No problem OFC: Of course OOAK: One of a kind OMG: Oh my God ORLY: Oh really? OTOH: On the other hand PDA: Public display of affection Peeps: People PIR: Parents in room QL: Quit laughing QQ: Quick question RLY: Really RN: Right now RT: Roger that SMH: Shake my head SOML: Story of my life SOZ: Sorry TFTI: Thanks for the invite TIL: Today I learned TMI: Too much information TTFN: Ta ta for now TTYL: Talk to you later WB: Welcome back WYD: What you doing WYM: What you mean WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get Y: Why YMMV: Your mileage may vary YW: You're welcome YWA: You're welcome anyway ?: I have a question ^^: Read message above <3: Heart .02: Two cents' worth 1TG: One left to go 121: One-to-one 182: I hate you 10X: Thanks 10Q: Thank you 1CE: Once 1DR: I wonder 1NAM: One in a million 20: Location 2EZ: Too easy 2G2BT: Too good to be true 2M2H: Too much to handle 2MOR: Tomorrow 2N8: Tonight 411: Information 404: I don't know 420: Let's get high 459: I love you 4AO: For adults only 4COL: For crying out loud 4EAE: Forever and ever ^5: High five 555: Sobbing or crying 6Y: Sexy 7K: Sick 86: Over 88: Hugs and kisses 9: Parent is watching *s*: Smile *w*: Wink

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