Top 12 Weight Loss Devices and Apps To Manage Your Weight

Weight Management Apps

In the modern world, it's important for us to all stay in tip-top condition and keep our fitness levels high. Weight management and good physical fitness have been shown to increase mental health and general well-being. However, most of us lead busy lives, and it's not always easy to stay on top of our fitness and health targets.

Define Your Weight Loss Goals

If weight loss or weight management is one of your lifetime goals, you're not alone. In fact, it's estimated that around 45 million Americans start a new diet each year, according to BMC.

Fighting obesity can be a lifelong struggle, stopping people from being their true selves, doing joyful activities, and spending quality time with family and friends. Every person is unique, so regardless of your fitness and health goals, spend less time worrying about health complications and more time gaining back some confidence with mindful movement and obesity management. Live a healthier life with technological devices and apps specially designed for you and your genotype, whether you're at home using wifi or out and about.

Note: before adopting a healthier lifestyle, new diet plan, or highly physical fitness regime, it's recommended that you talk to your doctor or health practitioner first.

How Technology Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals 

With the internet of things, better known as IoT, it has never been easier to achieve your health and fitness goals, but many people struggle to know where to start. Electronic devices and apps are abundant, from fitness trackers to food diaries, to calorie counters- all of these available products have different specifications and aims.

As more and more people rely on phones and social media, modern technology can help individuals live healthier lives by tracking activity, nutrition, sleep patterns, and heart rates, which in the long term can help people stay motivated by seeing their progress and goals at the touch of a button. There are huge benefits, and not just for the younger generation! Modern technology is the future and hugely accessible, as no matter where you are, you can access your favorite devices and apps.

On that note, when thinking about how technology can improve your fitness, you're going to want a strong internet connection for reliable results at home. A strong WiFi and router network connection is a must. No one wants their internet to drop mid-workout! Before you step up your tech game, make sure your network is strong and never lets you down.

Fitness & Diet Apps To Keep You On Track

We get it; we all have lives on top of our goals, and sometimes, health takes a backseat. But there are numerous apps to get on track with your health targets, and many of them are super easy to use– perfect for busy people.


MyFitnessPal is an all-inclusive diet application with extra-locked features such as in-depth nutrition tracking if you want to subscribe. Most features are free; you can track what you eat and how much physical activity you do. They also have a handy barcode feature, so completing your daily food diary is super simple.

Just Fit

JustFit virtual coach is an app designed specifically for its users to lose weight and gain muscle with no equipment, following a customizable plan and professional guide. They've got a variety of home workout sessions and a daily progress tracker.

PlateJoy Health

Fall in love with food again with PlateJoy. Their customized meal plans are designed for all-year-round membership use- not just in January. They are perfect for families or people with allergies and dietary preferences, as they've got everything from Paleo to gluten-free. They also include a grocery list for each paid plan, helping you to achieve your goals and help with zero waste.

Reverse Health

Reverse Health is a weekly paid science-based program app for women only! The coach-driven program is certified by dieticians, health coaches, and physiotherapists with vast amounts of experience in weight loss. Their 12-week program is designed to help women experiencing health issues at any stage of life. Forget fad diets. Their complete diet and fitness plan is for people looking for long-lasting results and sustained weight loss for years to come.


Fed up with sitting on the couch? Boost your energy, and achieve your health goals with the Couch25k running application for beginners. The app has handy accountability features like social media tracking and community access, so you're never too far away from help. They have also partnered with FITBIT and SAMSUNG, so you can track your progress using your favorite smartwatch.

Fast Easy

Fast Easy is an all-in-one intermittent fasting app. If you're in need of a water tracker, a step counter, or a way of easily seeing your progress, then Fast Easy has you covered. Their sleek design makes staying up to date with your weight loss easy. Fast Easy is a sustainable and safe intermittent fasting app, and it's free to download!


There are a lot of apps out there that can help you manage weight loss and build your fitness routine, but none focus on building the perfect daily itinerary quite like Strides. Strides make constructing a daily routine incredibly easy. Set step-by-step SMART goals, and receive reports on your progress whenever you want them.


For most, counting calories is tedious, but with Fooducate, staying on top of what you eat has never been simpler. Fooducate is a well-designed, simple app for tracking your daily intake, helping you to manage what you put into your body. Fooducate specializes in macro tracking and community input; if that sounds like an app you wanna try, we highly recommend it!

Our Top Picks For Fitness Devices!

Fed up getting nowhere with your fitness goals? Tired of never-ending workout sessions with little result? With our top picks, tracking your fitness, heart rate, and metabolism energy levels is easy.


Fitbit is a hugely popular fitness brand, and for good reason! Their huge selection of wireless-enabled wearable smart fitness watches, fitness trackers, and discreet watches are designed to make health a priority for all the family. Not sure which product to buy? They have a quick quiz on their website.


Lumen is the World's first hand-held, portable metabolism device designed to measure metabolism accurately and efficiently alongside the Lumen app. Lumen technology uses a CO2 sensor to identify CO2 concentration in one breath, indicating the type of fuel your body uses to produce energy, which can help you adjust your nutrition plan to meet your body's needs.


Withing products are great for improving health and discovering the way your body functions. They've got sleekly designed smartwatches and a new Body Comp smart scale that offers a complete body assessment, perfect for when you're trying to lose or maintain weight. The Body Comp smart scale is a fantastic device for finding out your activity levels, cardiovascular insights, and overall body composition.

Oura Ring

What's the key to good overall health? Besides diet, nutrition, and getting enough physical activity, sleep is also important. The Oura ring is a small, intelligent, and discreet sleep tracker with app support using your home network. It has an easy-to-use interface, and the ring comes in multiple styles and color options. It's stylish and practical!